Summer Sale – HALF OFF All 8 Healthy Church Systems Seminars!

Why do some churches grow and others don’t? 

I often get asked this from pastors, with the follow-up question, “So, what’s their secret?”  As if there’s something those pastors know that others don’t.

After coaching over 2,100 pastors in all denominations, I have a very clear answer on this – there IS a System. Eight of them to be exact. And they ALL have an impact on the health – and growth – of your church.

Just like your body needs healthy systems to function, the Body of Christ must have healthy systems to grow.

8 Systems SaleTo gear up for fall growth, NOW is the time to get back to thebasics – and start upgrading these essential systems in your church. I’d like to help you to just that – which is why I’ve released ALL EIGHT of my best-selling Church Systems Seminars today for HALF OFF.

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God designed all the parts of the body – both the church body and the physical body – to work together and function best through well-developed systems. A healthy church depends oneight systems operating at maximum performance:

1) Updated & Expanded: The NEW Assimilation Seminar
The Assimilation System is your plan for taking people from their first visit to being fully-developing members of your church. 

2) The Evangelism Seminar
Some refer to the Evangelism System is the system that inspires you to ask, “How do we attract people to our church?”

3) The Worship Planning Seminar
The Worship Planning System, or the Weekend Service System helps you plan, implement and evaluate your weekend service(s).

4) The Ministry Seminar
The Ministry System, also known as the Volunteer System, determines how you mobilize people for significant ministry at your church.

5) The Activate Seminar (Small Groups)
Believe it or not, it is possible to have 100% church participation in small groups  by having a strong Small Groups System in place.

6) The Stewardship Seminar
We will never disciple a church of extravagant givers if we don’t have a Stewardship system in place that allows us to train, educate and nurture them.

7) Leadership Skills for a Growing Church
As your church grows, you will need to develop staff, lay leaders, and high-powered volunteers.

8) The Strategy Seminar
The Strategic System sits above the other seven systems, and serves as the evaluation tool that ties them all together.

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I don’t want you to miss this opportunity for us to partner together for the health and growth of God’s kingdom.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Healthy systems are essential to reaching your church’s full redemptive potential. So in the Summer Systems Sale, you can choose ANY of my 8 Systems Seminar resources for HALF OFF. This includes my brand new Assimilation Seminar + Team Training resource, which you can pick up for over 67% off!

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