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vpvxucowi3ado33aqozn_400x400Have you ever been so busy… so overwhelmed… so under pressure in ministry that you’ve considered quitting?

It happened to me 5 years ago, right after Nelson Searcy and I launched The Journey Church in South Florida…

At this point I had been in ministry with Nelson at The Journey for nearly 10 years. I was no stranger to busy seasons of ministry.

But something happened with the launch of this location… and I wasn’t ready for it.

After years of serving alongside Nelson where I had built good systems and a solid team of volunteers and staff for my ministry area, I was now back in a church plant with no team, no staff and A TON of good ministry to do.

The problem was… it was too much for me… or at least that’s what I thought!

I was miserable. My family was miserable. It was the closest I ever came to quitting ministry!

Then I had a talk with Nelson where I told him all about the pressure and how overwhelmed I was feeling. And then he asked me one question – he asked to see my to-do list.

I thought, “I don’t have a to-do list.” And all of a sudden it dawned on me… I’m over-stressed and overwhelmed not because my load is too heavy, but because I don’t have the right tool to get it all done.

The first thing I did after I left that meeting was write down everything that I could possibly think of that I had to do that week. I just dumped it on paper. I expected that list to be a mile long.

Only… it wasn’t.

There wasn’t as much to do as I thought. But because it wasn’t written down — because I was trying to hold it all in my mind — I lived in a constant state stress and uncertainty.

On that day almost 5 years ago, my ministry and effectiveness changed!

Now – that list wasn’t perfect . It was just a bunch of items on a sheet of paper with “To Do” written at the top. But it was the beginning of a transformation.

From there, I took that list and looked for ways to maximize it — to get more down, to relieve more stressto go home on time for dinner more nights during the week.

Power-of-a-To-Do-List-CDs-web-iconThat’s when I discovered the principles of a POWERFUL and FOCUSED to-do list.

This one simple tool helped me, and it can help you, too IF you know the secrets for how to maximize it.

Though this proven, highly practical resource, you will learn what the “right” list can do for you! Don’t pass up this opportunity to discover:

  • How to be more productive and less ‘busy’… starting right now!
  • Three surprising benefits to busy seasons in ministry (I know it sounds crazy, but #2 is BIG)
  • Five simple steps to create your own “holy smokes, I can’t believe how much I get done every day” to-do list in less than 15 minutes 
  • Two of the most famous “lists” of all time, and how one of them won World War II (and why BOTH lists are important to you)
  • Five tells of a “bad to-do list” (you’ll be shocked by the first one)
  • Five traits of a “good to-do list”
  • The three types of people in your life who ABSOLUTELY NEED a powerful to-do list
  • How technology helps (and hinders) your work and how to make it work for you
  • How to make managing staff and volunteers simple again
  • The FIRST thing that every one of your direct reports MUST doeach week
  • How to eliminate confusion, relieve stress and create cohesion with your staff and volunteers
  • How to know exactly what your staff are working on every day of the week, even when you’re not in the office
  • Eight time management principles that will multiply the power of your to-do list
  • What you can do in 15 minutes today to ease your stress and maximize your Kingdom impact over the next 8 days

After 5 years of working to master this system, I am now using this as a tool to manage my staff and volunteers, too!

And in this new resource I will share with you how to have your staff and volunteers create their own list, and then leverage their list to make management simple again!

So as an introductory special – so you have the greatest opportunity for success in transforming the effectiveness of your staff and ministry –today you can save over 80%! The total retail value of this package is $298.85 – but you can download everything for only $59 TODAY THROUGH FRIDAY, June 10th!

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That’s a savings of over 80%!

Ministry can be challenging, but with right to-do list we can enjoy what God’s commissioned us to do. Let’s use this powerful tool to accomplish all that we can for God’s Kingdom!

Your partner in ministry,

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