First Time Guests Want Information

First Time Guests want to get information about your church when they are ready to receive it – not when you want to give it to them.

So the question to ask yourself is:

Are you making information about your church readily available to your guests?

Examples of this include:

– Putting out easy to find brochures about key areas of your church, such as children’s ministry, small groups, etc.  You can place these on a guest table so that they are easy to find.

– Making free CDs and DVDs available that go in depth on the questions newcomers may have about the faith.  One of our most popular DVDs is a message I did entitled “What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?”

– Having friendly members who are willing and trained to answer common first time guest questions.

Over the next few weeks, think through how you can make information available to your guests when they are ready.  And remember, First Time Guests want three things that we’ve discussed this week:

1. To fit in with everyone else attending.
2. To be anonymous.
3. To get more information as they are ready.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


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