What can Genghis Khan teach you about church growth?

You may be surprised to discover just how many strategic concepts that you can extract from business, philosophy, history, and even straight out of The Bible.

For example, did you know….

Praying on “the balcony” is the best way to pray over your ministry?

A single principle from a certain 14th century philosopher can help you increase efficiency in your church systems?

There’s a Japanese concept – that’s also really fun to say – that can show you a system for continuous improvement?

There are in fact multiple strategic concepts from The Bible that you can use to launch a strategic offense?

And yes, that you can even learn from Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan about maximizing growth in your ministry?

So . . . what exactly is a strategic concept?

Well, it’s basically a powerful idea that can be summarized in just a few words. It’s easy-to-understand but the depth behind it has been proven over time.

That’s a key part of it – it’s proven.

As church leaders, we need to have a diverse tool kit of PROVEN ideas and strategies to tackle the common challenges we face every day.

I’ve been a long-time student (Okay, you can call it an obsession) of these kinds of ideas and strategies – and have spent hundreds of hours pouring through books, case studies and most importantly – field testing with my own ministries – to boil it all down to the 10 strategic concepts that will best help YOU and YOUR CHURCH.

nelsonsearcy-c87deccb-7fde-4688-8c8c-ff630854c830-v2These strategic – and Biblical – concepts will guide you from where you are to where God wants you to be. I promise you they will give you more time, energy and attention – with a whole lot less stress!

I invite you today to join me on a detailed tour in my new resource, 10 Advanced Strategic Concepts, where I explain them in great detail, and specifically how you can apply each concept to your ministry. I’ve become something of a master at using just the right strategic concept for each situation you’re in. Whether it’s issues with your worship planning, systems, staffing, sermon development or volunteers – you’ll have just the right tool for each particular situation so you can accomplish even greater things for the Kingdom.

Now that’s something even Genghis Khan couldn’t claim!

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. –  I want to give you the greatest opportunity for success in committing to these strategic concepts – so I’m releasing this resource today for 89% off! The total retail value of this package is $1,490.90 – but you can download everything for only $99 TODAY THROUGH FRIDAY, OCT. 17th!

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