The Magic Seven: Before the Service begins do this… – Part 2 of 4

Last week in Part 1 of this series, I introduced you to The Magic Seven – the seven minutes before your Sunday service begins and the seven minutes after the Sunday service ends. We continue our post today on ways you can connect with your guests.

7-minutes beforeHere are a few more ways you can focus your time on the first seven minutes before the service starts:

Carry these tools to help you connect
Again we’re only talking about the first seven minutes — it goes fast — so you won’t be able to remember everything about the people you meet. Carry a notecard with you to write down your notes on the people you meet.

Business Card: You may have heard me say this before — as the world has moved to high-tech, we need to be more high-touch. Folks today receive less business cards so when they do get one, they tend to hold on to it more. It becomes special. For this reason I like to give out my business card. It’s also a great way to leave the conversation but leave your guest feeling connected: “I’m going to say hello to a few other people but here is my card. I hope we can stay in touch.”

Bulletin: Another great way to connect is to show them something on the bulletin. I like to point out my name and contact information on the back of the bulletin. If you have a connection or communication card, you can also point that out and encourage them to complete it during the service so you can stay in touch.

Make an introduction
You will not always have an opportunity to do this but, if it’s appropriate and there’s someone nearby, you can introduce newcomers to members and regular attenders. It contributes to a friendly, welcoming environment and encourages others to do the same.

Tune in next week for how to create opportunities in the seven minutes after the service ends.

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