Make Mother’s Day a BIG DAY at Your Church – 50% Off The Ignite Seminar this Week!

In all the excitement of Easter last month, I don’t want you to miss out on one of the best possible “bounce back” opportunities for your Easter guests… MOTHER’S DAY (Sunday, May 12)!

Historically, Mother’s Day has been a natural draw because mothers want to attend church with their family – even those who rarely (if ever) attend.

At The Journey and in my 1,100+ coaching alumni churches, we’ve discovered several keys to leverage that natural draw to make Mother’s Day a high-impact opportunity to reach the people of your community and get your Easter first time guests to return.

So I’m challenging you to make Mother’s Day a BIG DAY at your church, just like I teach in my 3-hour resource, “The Ignite Seminar.”

Today thru Monday, I’m giving you “The Ignite Seminar: How to Spark Immediate Growth in Your Church” for 50% Off (regularly $99.95 – Yours for $49)!

I want to help you implement a proven, step-by-step plan to create immediate growth by harnessing the power of a Big Day – and mobilizing your church for evangelism.

And TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE if you want to cooperate with God for maximum impact on Mother’s Day (and again throughout the year)!

This three hour seminar will teach the proven principles that I’ve identified, honed and tested over the last decade – it’s been called “the ultimate how-to training for pastors who want to bring more first time guests through the doors and reach more people for Jesus!”

Because Big Days are most effective when you’re leveraging an existing draw (back to school, Easter, first of the new year) – Mother’s Day is a great time for you to put these principles into practice.

In this practical, easy-to-implement resource you will learn:

  • How to DOUBLE your church in a day (it can be done!)
  • How to immediately raise the evangelism effectiveness of your church
  • How to mobilize your congregation to reach their friends
  • How to spark growth in a stalled church
  • How to keep momentum year after year in a growing church
  • How to excite your people, even if they’ve not been motivated in the past
  • How to influence your leaders to reach out to the community
  • How to plan and implement a proven BIG DAY process
  • …and much more!

This resource contains three hours of audio training, a listener’s guide, sample files, documents and graphics! You’ll receive everything you need to start implementing these important principles immediately.

All of that for HALF OFF – only $49 through Monday (because I don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity that Mother’s Day provides):

Click Here – Secure The Ignite Seminar for Only $49 (reg. $99.95)
Available ONLY through Monday, April 22

And that’s not all!

As a fellow pastor, I realize that there are several factors – in your church and in your personal life – that go into successfully reaching your community and honoring God. So I have an added opportunity for you…

Secure The Ignite Seminar for only $49 today and you will get a FREE month of membership in my new Renegade Pastors Network.

While Ignite will help you lead your church to plan and implement a Big Day to reach more people, this network will help you grow personally, professionally and pastorally.

It’s designed to help you achieve personal growth, ministry-life balance and accomplish great things for God’s Kingdom.

In the network, you’ll have access to monthly leadership calls, author interviews, monthly book summaries, and much, much more!

I’d like to give you a free test drive of what membership in the Renegade Pastors Network is all about:

Click Here to Pick Up The Ignite Seminar for Only $49 AND Get a FREE Month in the Renegade Pastors Network – Today thru Monday

But hurry – this opportunity only runs through Monday, April 22!

I hope you’ll let me help you reach more people on Mother’s Day and accomplish all that God wants to accomplish through you and your ministry.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. I’ve only shared this 50% Off opportunity on The Ignite Seminar with a limited number of pastors like you, but if you know of someone else who might find it beneficial, feel free to share this link:

It’s only available today through Monday, April 22!

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