Last Chance – HALF OFF Why People Leave Your Church

I’ve got a question for you. One you’ve probably asked yourself a few times since Sunday:

Who was missing from your Sunday services this past Labor Day Weekend? 

Every week we see people attend our services but then miss a Sunday and then before you know it you’re asking yourself “Where have they been?”

It’s an issue that weighs heavily on all of us as pastors – empty chairs and the frustration of seeing people who were there last week not return in the weeks to come.

It hurts to even talk about someone leaving the church we lead. When it happens, we don’t know what to do and what to not do.

The good news is there IS something you can do about it TODAY! 

You’re not alone at all. Every pastor wrestles with this pain. You can take action to keep half or even more of those who would otherwise leave.

See for Yourself: Click Here – Don’t miss this LAST CHANCE!

For over two decades now, I’ve been dealing with the personal pain of people leaving, the spiritual consequences of people leaving and the “failure feelings” that come when someone leaves.

nelsonsearcy-79fa8e83-0b10-4177-8423-8ab0167a4672-v2And now I’ve distilled all I’ve learned in a three-hour resource called “WHY PEOPLE LEAVE YOUR CHURCH AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT” – and I’d like to give you one more opportunity to pick it up for 50% OFF Today ONL,Y Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. Plus, I’ve added in a few FREE bonuses.

Here’s a sample of what you will learn in this resource:

  1. The TOP SIX REASONS people leave your church, and what you can do about it.
  2. How THREE of these reasons are impossible to correct after the fact – but you can prevent them before they happen.
  3. How THREE of these reasons give you an opportunity for greater ministry.
  4. How to reduce the impact of all SIX reasons people leave (you can’t eliminate them, but you can minimize them).
  5. The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make when someone leaves your church (there are RIGHT things to do when some one leaves and WRONG things, I’ll show you which ones work).
  6. How to make sure you don’t lose FOCUS when someone leaves.
  7. What growing churches do differently when it comes to people leaving church.
  8. What ONE THING will kill the chances of someone ever returning (its not what you thing – in fact, I bet you are doing it in some form or another in your church right now and its hurting you without you even knowing it).
  9. Why you should NEVER chase someone who leaves (really! I’ll show you why).

Plus much, much more.  It’s a packed resource!

I don’t want you to miss this opportunity for us to partner together for the health and growth of God’s kingdom.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. – This resource isn’t just valuable for the material I cover, its valuable for the PEACE OF MIND it will bring to you.

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