Happy Birthday Dr. Elmer Towns (Up to 87% off for his 87th!)

If you haven’t yet met Dr. Elmer Towns, I’d like to introduce you to one of my mentors who is celebrating 87 years young today!

Dr. Towns is a spiritual giant who you’ll also find to be a great encourager to pastors. He is someone I have studied and looked up to since day one when I went into ministry.

As an expert in historical church growth and a champion of “spiritual breakthroughs,” he has really challenged me to both deepen my faith as a spiritual leader — and learn from past church leaders in order to shape a stronger ministry for the future.

87% OFF FOR DR. TOWNS’ 87th! 

Today, in celebration of his 87th birthday, you can save up to 87% on SIX Exclusive Resources to help you grow your church AND grow as a church leader!

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Many of these teachings were originally presented as private talks for my coaching networks — but Dr. Towns and I agreed we could not limit their availability!

All six of these resources will inspire and encourage you as a pastor — whether it’s your church growth, spiritual life as a leader, writing process, evangelism efforts and more! All contain exclusive content and bonuses not available anywhere else with practical teaching that you can start implementing right away.

The Ten Most Influential Churches
Dr. Towns wants to help you become an influential pastor with NEW insights and applications for you from an impressive study of the ten most influential churches in recent history. You’ll learn from leaders who prevailed against insurmountable odds, with limited resources, in difficult circumstances, all to glorify God. These were average people whom God used in above-average ways.

The Spiritual Life of a Pastor 
As pastors we wage spiritual warfare on a daily basis and the enemy doesn’t sleep. You have the tools to combat those forces and fulfill your mission — faith, prayer and fasting – but you must sharpen them daily. In this powerful resource, you will hear “faith” and “prayer” discussed, dissected and explained with great passion, humor and deep understanding as only the 87-years young Dr. Towns can!

And of course, with humorous anecdotes and stories from his life in ministry! (This is my favorite part.)

Ignite Seminar
Dr. Towns is a church growth legend. Now you can harness the power of a Big Day to create immediate growth in your church! I’ll walk you through this step-by-step, proven system to mobilize your church and DOUBLE your attendance. This is the ultimate how-to training for church leaders who want to reach more people for Christ. Includes sample emails, promo materials and more.

Church Growth Then and Now 
As a church growth legend, Dr. Towns’ impact and principles are taught by me in this in-depth training on 7 lasting principles to maximize your ministry. You’ll discover the best tactics, strategies and ideas from the Church Growth Movement that you can start using right now! In fact, throughout this three-hour seminar, I consistently ask the question and challenge you to think about — “How do we apply that principle today?”

How to Write Your First Book Workshop
Elmer Towns has written over 300 books and was a driving factor and inspiration for my writing ministry. In this live workshop, I reveal my proven process for writing your first book while also pastoring and leading a church full-time. You’ll hear the complete strategy that I adapted from Dr. Towns, who also co-teaches this workshop with me. Also includes the 215-page course pack PDF used during the live workshop!

Church Growth & Evangelism A-Z Workshop
Dr. Towns features prominently in my premier church growth resource. You’ll discover EVERY church growth principle and practice from A to Z, plus practical next steps to lead and grow a healthy church. This is a virtual seminary course on church growth — at a fraction of the investment! This includes the two full days of audio training from the live workshop PLUS the complete 520-page Encyclopedia of Church Growth from the event — a custom-designed collection of articles, biographies, definitions and practices unlike anything you have seen before on church growth!

Get the complete collection of resources at an unbelievably low rate — you will not find this discount again anywhere! Choose from download or CD package —don’t miss this opportunity to get all 6 resources and save over 87% for Elmer’s 87th birthday!

TODAY ONLY: Click this private link to save on one or all 6 resources — Up to 86% OFF to celebrate Dr. Elmer Towns’ 87th Birthday!

And a little about Dr. Elmer Towns . . . he is “an author-teacher who loves to study, share and teach.” After more than 40 years of teaching and over 200 popular and scholarly works, this college and seminary professor has educated, equipped and inspired spiritual leaders throughout the world.

I hope you will join me in celebrating Dr. Towns today by equipping your church to grow! I think that would be the best gift we could give him — the joy of helping pastors reach their true growth potential for the Kingdom.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Just like every other resource we offer at our ministry, these resources come with a full 365-Day Guarantee. Get the resource, listen to it, engage it, try it out . . . and if over the next 365 days you decide it wasn’t worth your (in this case, super low) investment, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

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