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A-Z-Conference-web-buttonThree weeks ago, pastors from all across the US recently joined me for a 2 day intensive Church Growth and Evangelism Workshop from A-Z. During this live recorded workshop, I shared over 522 pages worth of information on Church Growth.

It was my most comprehensive teaching – and I’ve been overwhelmed by positive responses and takeaways from this group of pastors.

There was definitely something for everyone here – I’ve heard folks talking about everything from Evangelism, to Homogenous Units to Spiritual Readiness! Pastors now inspired and citing learnings from church growth pioneers like Win Arn, Elmer Towns and Donald McGavran. From my perspective as teacher, I couldn’t be happier with the learning and ideas for future applications flowing through this room.

Now YOU can receive the live recordings of this workshop:

If you weren’t able to join us for this one-of-a-kind, two-day event, I’ve decided to offer a Limited Time Pre-Release of this BRAND NEW event resource – and give it to you at more than 50% off PLUS bonuses!

Between now and Tuesday, November 26th only, you can get the COMPLETE recording and event materials used at the live event (Retail value of $599.97) for only $299!

So What Will You Learn in this Resource?

Here’s a brief look at just a few of the topics that I covered in this live 2 day recording . . .


  • Acts- The Acts of the Apostles
  • Acts -Growth of the Church in Acts
  • Anglican Archbishops Definition of Evangelism
  • Africa
  • Arn, Win Dr.
  • Assimilation


  • Barriers – Definition
  • Barriers – Growth
  • Barnabas


  • Carey, William
  • Cho, David Yonggi
  • Church – Definition
  • Church – Hope of the World
  • Church Growth – Definition
  • Church Growth – Biblical Paradigms
  • Church Planting – Definition and Launching Large
  • Church Systems
  • Conversion


  • DAWN – Discipling A Whole Nation
  • Demographic Study – Tensions, Trouble, Transition
  • Disciple
  • Drummond, Lewis


  • Edwards, Johnathan
  • Eighty Percent Principle
  • Evangelism – Definitions
  • Engle Scale – Gray Matrix
  • Evangelism – P1, P2, P3
  • Evangelism – Gifts of


  • Faith
  • Fasting
  • Finney, Charles Grandison
  • Friend Day/Big Day


  • Gifts – Spiritual
  • Goal Setting
  • Gospel…

And that’s not even 1/2 of the content – a church growth history course with immediate application to your church, all yours for HALF OFF!

BONUS – FREE WORKBOOK (an additional $198.00 value!): This is literally an Encyclopedia of Church Growth that includes everything I’ve covered in the workshop, from A to Z! It’s a unique, custom-designed collection of articles, biographies, definitions and practices unlike anything you have seen before on church growth. And with your resource purchase, you will receive the digital file of this 520-page workbook.

It’s an impressive book and even better if you can flip through it . . .

FAST-ACTION BONUS: I only have a handful of HARD COPIES left of the actual 520-page Bound Conference Workbook. But if you act now you can still get a FREE hard copy like the one shown here!

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I can promise you that in this resource you will learn EVERYTHING about church growth, from A to Z, including the key principles, personalities and effective practices from the last 2,000 years that you can use today to lead and grow a healthy church.

This is a practical approach to history – you will learn important lessons from all the key pioneers in church growth so you can avoid mistakes and create a bright future for your church!

Your partner in ministry,



The resource is packed with lessons and ideas for you to implement. And this network will help you move forward with those lessons and ideas. The Renegade Pastors Network will give you the support and tools you need to be the most effective in leading your church. Through ongoing coaching calls, free resources and educational materials, I will help you grow personally, professionally and pastorally!

Click here to get the Complete A-Z Workshop Event Recording, a FREE 520-page Workbook Plus Receive TWO FREE MONTHS in the Renegade Pastors Network – Total value of $995.97 – yours today for only $299!

Hurry – this special opportunity will end November 26th!

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