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Kerrick Thomas is a pastor and friend of mine who has learned first-hand how to manage personal crisis and church leadership. Over the last year, he has experienced crisis in his own life:

The tragic loss of his mom in a fire . . . then less than a week later his wife having reconstructive surgery on her ankle that left her bed-ridden for 8 weeks and unable to walk for almost 5 months.  

On top of that he has 3 kids — and all of this happened in the middle of a major staff transition and the church’s expansion in NYC from one to three campuses!

As pastors, there’s a lot we can learn from Kerrick’s experience about how to keep going and find strength when it seems like you are getting hit from all directions!

I’ve seen this first-hand working with Kerrick, who is my current executive pastor at The Journey Church. He understands the challenges you face as THE PASTOR to keep leading even when you’re dealing with your personal crisis.

You are always expected to be strong for others and offer godly guidance, to have the right words to say. But what do you do when it feels like it’s YOUR world that’s falling apart? When you put on a strong face on Sunday and try to pretend that everything’s OK?

The fact is crisis is something we all face as pastors — we know that ministry is not easy. We’re on the front lines of spiritual battle, so we’re more prone to spiritual attack.  History shows us time and time again those who follow God closely face significant crisis in their lives.

So how do you as a pastor respond to a crisis . . .

  • The loss of a loved one
  • A rough spot in your marriage
  • A personal moral failure
  • Problems with the kids
  • A moral failure on your staff
  • A financial crisis in the church
  • Conflict within the church
  • The potential firing of a staff member

Here’s the truth — even though personal crisis is something every pastor has to face and even though we are great at guiding those in our church through their own times of crisis — as pastors we are notoriously bad at dealing with personal crisis when we are the ones in crisis.

Pastor In Personal CrisisThat’s why we’ve but together this very PERSONAL, PRACTICAL and POWERFUL resource especially for pastors called The Pastor in Personal Crisis: How to Respond and Overcome While Serving in Ministry.

Listen. . .CRISIS is something we all have to face as pastors. And this resource can help you do just that!

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You know that God never promises a life free of crises and problems: “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.” Don’t buy into the myth that because you’re a pastor and because you’re doing the right thing, that you’re going to avoid crisis!

Instead prepare yourself and discover exactly how to respond to a personal crisis. Learn the practical steps you need to overcome the inevitable trials — to become BETTER instead of BITTER — while still serving and thriving in ministry!

Your partner in ministry,


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