Frequently Asked Questions about Tongue Pierced, Part 2

unnamedI’ve been doing quite a few interviews recently to discuss my new book Tongue Pierced, which focuses on the power of language to transform your life. Here I’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about the book and encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself at your favorite online retailer. Just visit and click “Buy the Book.” 

1. What is the “30-Day No Cursing Challenge”?
The 30-Day No Cursing Challenge is an exercise in seeing how removing death-filled words from your vocabulary can lead to more life. It’s about intentionally removing words from your life that only have the power to hurt you. In our culture, cursing often seems like such a non-issue. We think that it doesn’t matter if we throw in a few choice words here and there. But, just like all of our words, those curses carry power. They are inherently negative and destructive. I compare constant, casual cursing to taking small, daily doses of poison.

2. What would be a good summary of your book’s message?
Words are never neutral. None of us has ever spoken a neutral word in our entire life. Every word that comes out of your mouth and mine has a consequence attached to it, and that consequence will either be positive or negative. What you say will either take your faith, your health, your relationships, your work, or whatever else you may be speaking about in a better direction or it will slowly chip away at the foundation of those same things. Every word is a seed that takes root somewhere and begins producing a crop.

3. Who do you hope reads your book and what do you most hope people take away from your book?
I hope everyone reads it! Seriously, my prayer is that this is a book that will resonate widely, with believers and non-believers alike. The truth about just how powerful words are applies to anyone and everyone who wants to live the life they were created for – and isn’t that all of us?

I hope our readers will take away an understanding of just how significant their words choices are. I want them to know what steps they can take to harness their words for their own good and for God’s glory. Prayerfully, that knowledge will take them deeper in their faith, grow their most important relationships and help them create the circumstances they want in their lives.

God created the world with his words and he has given us the power to create ours in the same way. My hope is that Tongue Pierced will draw people everywhere closer to the abundant life God has for them, by showing them how to take advantage of the wonderful gift of words.

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P.S. For more information on the book and how you can Take a 30-Day No-Cursing Challenge, visit

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