Five Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Write a Book

Have you ever thought about writing a book? As a pastor, does it seem like more work, time and energy than you have to spare?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually easy when you have the right system (more on that later). After studying church growth for decades (you may know me to be a big church history buff) I’ve learned that the most influential leaders were all authors.

It’s the same with gurus in any other field. Dr. Phil in relationships, Peter Drucker in business, Tom Peters in management…all are high-impact people in part because they’re published book authors.

WYFB picYou can increase your impact as a pastor through book authorship as well. As a pastor, writing and publishing a book can help establish you as a thought leader in your community and reach more people for Christ. You have an opportunity to communicate on a national or even international platform and gain notoriety as a ministry leader.

So the reasons for writing a book – even as a full-time pastor like me – far outweigh the reasons you shouldn’t:

1. Extend your ministry. Authoring a book can connect you with a much larger audience outside your church walls, to your entire community and beyond! You’ll be amazed at how far you can increase your pastoral reach, especially when you start to receive feedback.

2. Equip your people beyond Sunday. Through your preaching and worship services, your congregation will of course grow spiritually, but imagine if they can continue their study the other six days with one of your books! It can be a powerful discipleship tool.

3. Establish your authority. Writing a book strengthens your reputation and influence; people respond to published authors! You’ll gain greater respect, admiration and even the awe of your congregation.

4. Evangelize the lost. Your written word increases the impact of your sermons exponentially, especially with the unchurched who can benefit from spending more time reading and rereading these messages. And when your people share your book with others, you’re now also increasing the evangelistic temperature of your church.

5. Expand your skills. Writing helps you become a better all-around communicator. Building up your writing skills will translate over to your preaching, to how you influence and lead your staff.

I can assure you that nothing has done more to expand my influence, increase my impact at The Journey Church (where I pastor) and help more pastors than writing and publishing books! Several pastors from my coaching networks who have written their own books would agree.

If you’re serious about capitalizing on the five “E”s described above, you can do this while in full-time ministry, as many have. Regardless of where you begin in the writing process, you won’t have to start from scratch. I do have a few secrets up my sleeve…maybe even a system that’s enabled me to write about two books a year!

Will you join me in becoming a more influential leader through book authorship?

Your partner in ministry,


Write-Your-First-Book-icon-2016P.S. – Remember, NOTHING has done more to expand my influence, increase my impact at The Journey Church, and help more pastors than writing and publishing books!

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