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Preaching is personal, right? I mean, we all wrestle with a little pride when it comes to our preaching skills and the impact they have each week.We adopt the “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” mindset when in reality we are ALL works in progress and have gaps and bad habits in our preaching that we’re often blind to. But if … Read More

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New Confidential Pastor Help Line (Write Down This Number)

Today’s post comes from Focus on the Family, a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. Recently, they’ve focused on helping pastors by providing biblically-based counsel through a toll-free pastor care line. “When people face a crisis, they immediately turn to their pastors for help. But when pastors are struggling themselves, many of them feel there’s nowhere to turn.” Kim Robinson, Focus … Read More

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Treat First-Time Guests with “Raving Fan” Service

A first-time guest wants to feel respected and welcomed. He wants to know that you are happy he’s there, and that you are serious about making sure he has a good experience. The way you, your team, and your regular attenders treat him and his family will tell him most of what he needs to know. Sadly, a large majority … Read More

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The Renegade Pastor – Abandon Average! New Hardcover Book – Just $1

As a leader you must continually position yourself for growth – the health of your ministry depends on it. And as a leader you bear full responsibility for that growth. Just like you can’t force the people in your church to grow, no one can force you. The choice to keep growing is yours – and yours alone. Attendance at … Read More

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What is a Renegade Pastor?

What exactly is a renegade pastor? A renegade is someone who has abandoned average in favor of excellence.  He is a rebel with a purpose– someone who rises up against resistance, mediocrity, and conformity.  A renegade is not a lawbreaker.  He’s is not contrarian for contrarianism’s sake.  He is not looking for a fight with other church leaders, but with … Read More

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You CAN Write a Book! AND with Less Stress, Time, and Energy than you think.

You can write a book! I’m sure that the sentence above mustered up some level of anxiety in you. That’s actually a GOOD thing! Some anxiety about writing a book is good because it’s a sign that you care about what you want to write. If this motivates you to devote thought and effort to your writing, your stress-induced attitude actually has a certain … Read More

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Last Chance to go to the Holy Land (register by April 15)

Time is quickly running out for you to join Nelson in the Holy Land next month.  The final registration deadline is April 15 (that’s only a few days away). And while the clock is ticking, there is still an opportunity for you to join us on this life-changing spiritual retreat to Israel on May 22-30, 2014. As you know, this 9-DAY … Read More

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What Gets Rewarded, Gets Repeated (Part 2) – Casting a Vision for Volunteers

If you find yourself lacking in a certain area inside of your Church…if you find yourself having to give energy to a certain area inside your Church, it may mean that you’ve not been celebrating that area. Because people will do, people will take next steps toward, and people will act on that which you celebrate. Let’s say, for example, that you … Read More

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Helping People Find Their Fit – A Saturday Quote

“When someone begins volunteering – no matter what ministry area or capacity he initially serves in – my next step and yours is to help him identify and climb the right ministry ladder and become a regular, growing, Christlike volunteer.“ – Nelson Searcy, Connect: How to Double Your Number of Volunteers (p. 106) Available now on Amazon 

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