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Got this question from Church Planting Coaching Network Alumni Mike Sorcinelli (New Day Church – www.newdaychurch.cc ) in Longmeadow, MA:

“I really want to be a reader but it literally took me 6 hours + to read your book “Fusion”, which is a short book. It’ll take me almost a month to read “Planting Missional Churches” (I’m about half way through) and there are so many books I want to read (I’ve got a pile of them on my shelf). Do you have any tools or resources for learning to read faster?”

Mike, I love your passion!  All leaders are readers.

As for me, I haven’t always been a reader, in fact I don’t think I ever read a book from cover to cover before I became a Christian (at age 17) but since then God has given me a passion for reading and its been one of the primary sources of my on-going growth as a leader.

I still struggle with reading all that’s on my shelf but here’s one major tip: How to Read More

Skim, skim and skim!

Most big books (like the one you mention above from my friend Ed Stetzer) can easily be skimmed and you’ll still get 75-80% of the content while saving 90% of your time.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned::

– Only read the chapters that interest you (read the table of contents and then the first and last paragraphs of the chapters that interest you. If that’s helpful, read the entire chapter.)

– Only thoroughly read those books recommended by a good source (like the ones we recommend in the CLI newsletter.  Hint: You can subscribe for free on the right —>)

– Read as fast as you can with no distractions and then next time try to do it even faster – shoot for one page every minute and then one page every 45seconds and then every 30seconds.  I currently read one page at less than 30sec with a high retention rate.

– Listen to books on tape at twice the speed (use m4b setting on your ipod).

– Read in blocks of time with a goal – say to yourself, “I’m going to read Fusion in this two hour block of time” and then push yourself to do it.

– Be sure you have good glasses (if needed).

Read, read, read and read some more!

Your mind is a muscle so exercise it and it will increase. I currently read 3 to 5 books a week but the goal is not quantity. The goal is to read what is most helpful and to retain a large part of what you read.

So what have you found helpful in reading faster with greater retention?


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