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I love seeing New Believers in our church . . . and I bet you do too, right?

There’s nothing more heart-touching and encouraging than seeing people make first time decisions for Christ.

Even if I’m not the one leading the service – even if it’s not my church, I’m thrilled to hear stories about new believers.

But more and more lately, I find myself asking:

  • I wonder what the follow-up process will be for this new believer?
  • Is it clear to them what their next steps are?
  • Has this process been effective in the past?

There’s nothing more exciting and valuable in ministry than new believers and our proper follow-up with them.

So, here’s my question for you today:

How clear and strong is your process for following up with New Believers?

Do you have a clear, “written down” process prepared for New Believers at your church?

I’ve been asking that question to hundreds of pastors who have completed my coaching networks (over 1000 pastors have now gone through my hands-on-coaching networks since 2004) and I’ve discovered that we all SAY we love new believers but we don’t SHOW we love them by taking the time to lay out a follow-up process.

Call it New Believer Follow-up, Beginning Discipleship or whatever, the first few days and weeks after someone turns to Christ is VERY IMPORTANT, true?

Well, here’s why I’m telling you this. . .

1) I want to challenge you to develop a written, clear New Believer process at your church.

Why?  Because doing so will put you in a position where God can better ‘trust’ you with new believers.

I mean, are you ready for twice as many new believers this year as you had last year (anyone else besides me praying for this)?

Think about it – every Sunday, God is changing lives, tons of people are saved every week in churches across the world – but why do some churches see more life change than others?   Here’s one hint: they are BETTER PREPARED.

By preparing your church to cultivate, nurture and grow New Believers . . . before you even have New Believers. .  . you are putting yourself in a position for God to bless your church (I call this the Principle of Spiritual Readiness).

2) I want to help you develop a clear, Spirit-dependent, biblical and strategic plan to cultivate, nurture and grow New Believers.

What if I could give you a NEW BELIEVER ROADMAP that you could modify for your church that would allow you to BETTER follow-up on the New Believers that God is currently sending you and position you for even more?

I would like to teach you this “new believer roadmap” in my Brand New Resource entitled THE NEW BELIEVER SEMINAR . . . I know, I know, I’m very creative with titles.  But the power of this seminar is not in the title; it’s in the process I teach you in this nuts-and-bolts resource.

You see, I want to teach you the exact process we use to follow-up on the thousands of new believers we’ve seen at The Journey Church (in fact, last year was a record year for us . . .and after seeing what God did in our church through this process and after being pushed and cajoled by my coaching alumni to make this RoadMap available to them, I recently went in the studio and gathered the documents and put together the same powerful, proven training for you).

Here’s how this resource works for you: When you invest in the resource you will receive the EXACT New Believers Checklist we use for every New Believer at The Journey  .  . . this checklist has been in the works for many years and is the fruition of our commitment to new believers.

Then, with the check list in hand, you listen to my almost two hours of teaching where I walk you through step by step how to use and easily modify the check list for your church.

In as few as two hours with me, you’ll walk away with your CUSTOMIZED NEW BELIEVER PROCESS for your church.

Make sense?

Here are just a few reasons to develop a clear New Believer Follow-Up Process:

  • A clear process leads to greater blessing (see the Principle of Spiritual Readiness above).
  • A clear process insures that NO ONE FALLS THROUGH THE CRACKS – do you want to be held accountable by God for failing to follow-up properly with new believers?  I don’t!
  • A clear process allows you to engage others to help you with follow-up.  When you develop the RoadMap, you can then easily ask others to help you with follow and know that it will be done properly.
  • You know you’ve always needed to do it, so let me give you a HEAD START!  Remember the first rule of engineering… don’t re-invent the wheel.

I could go on and probably give you a dozen reasons, but you know you need this in your church.

So let’s get started, here’s the link to this new resource:


Download before January 31st and you will receive over $119.00 in BONUS RESOURCES (see the P.S. below for a full list).

Here’s a sample of what I cover in this brand new resource:

  • How to better preach for decisions.
  • How you can increase the number of people who indicate their decision for Christ (Hint: you probably have more people coming to Christ than you realize…they’re just not telling you)
  • How to better collect info on those making decisions
  • How to make it easier for people in your church to make decisions (whether you use a decision card or a come forward invitation – or both)
  • How to ensure that every person is discipled and that “No New Believer Gets Left Behind”
  • What to do and NOT do in the first hour after someone becomes a Christian
  • The four opportunities you have to follow up with new believers, and the importance of each opportunity
  • Why your preaching calendar is crucial to your new believer follow-up
  • The one thing you MUST do in order to see new believers grow
  • How to involve others to help you with follow-up
  • How to cultivate the connection between prayer and new believers
  • Plus much more!

I think you’ll find that I deliver much more than I promise in this resource as I’ll cover ideas and give you New Believer resources that you may never have thought of.

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