Why we MUST raise up new Worship Leaders

WLI LogoDo you remember when you first accepted the call to lead worship?

Jason Hatley here (Pastor of Worship Arts @ The Journey and Founder of WorshipLeaderInsights.com). For me, it was 21 years ago this month that I said, “Yes!” to the call to ministry. Apart from my decision to follow Jesus at age 9, no other single decision in my life has had a greater impact on who I am and what I’ve done.

To this day I remember the people who helped me take that step… who prayed for me… who encouraged me… who advised me.  I will never forget them (indeed I thank God for them)!

I would venture to say the same is true for you. I bet some unforgettable names run through your mind when you think about those who gave you your first opportunity to lead worship.

So – why all the nostalgia?

Because I have an extremely important question for you…


Who will remember YOUR name? 

As Worship Leaders, God has given us an important responsibility.

Not just to lead worship… Not just to plan worship services… Not just to serve our church…

But to intentionally Identify, Develop, Disciple and Unleash the NEXT generation of worship leaders for His kingdom!


So, why DON’T we?

What keeps most worship leaders (and maybe even you) from this all-important Biblical responsibility?  

The truth is… there’s more than one answer:

  • Some Worship Leaders don’t think there are any in their church and don’t know where to find them.
  • Some are “too busy” to develop new Worship Leaders (aren’t you glad those who came before you weren’t “too busy” :-).
  • For some it’s ego (as a young worship leader I was guilty of this one).
  • And most just don’t know how!

Excuses, Excuses

Trust me… I understand. After personally leading all 52 Sundays for The Journey in our first year back in 2002, I came face-to-face with ALL of these excuses.

But whether it was spiritual insight or just plain exhaustion, it was after that marathon run of Sundays… when my creativity and passion were waning… when my newly-wed wife was at her wits end about me not taking vacation…

It was then that I realized not only the Biblical mandate for raising new worship leaders, but also the PERSONAL BENEFIT (i.e. I didn’t want either ministry or my wife to kill me – ha!).

It was at that moment that I became passionate about raising up new Worship Leaders. And over the last 12 years that passion became a system to Identify, Develop, Disciple and Unleash over 30 volunteer worship leaders in our church

And the good news is…


You can do the same (and more)! raising-wl-collage-icon

Let’s be honest… most of us think that raising up new Worship Leaders is TOO HARD and TOO TIME CONSUMING.

And it can be UNLESS you have a system that takes the “guess work” (and therefore a lot of the hard work) out of it.   

And that’s exactly what my brand new Raising New Worship Leaders seminar is all about!

This new resource isn’t your ordinary “3 tips” blog post.  This is a FULL 3-hours of personal experience, proven strategies, and real-life stories from someone who has spent HUNDREDS of hours studying, planning, and developing worship leaders. You will uncover dozens of ideas that you can start using right now in your worship ministry to identify and develop worship leaders . . . right out of your current team! 
Your partner in ministry, 

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