Why Does the Church Growth Movement Matter Today?

More than likely, you are familiar with some general concept or idea of what we call the “Modern Day Church Growth Movement.” Now, I would argue that this is not new. The history of church growth goes all the way back to the Great Commission, to the early church. But in the modern day times when we think about the Church Growth Movement we generally trace that to the early ‘60s and then into the 1970s, 1980s and maybe into the early 2000s, depending on who you listen to.

It’s an interesting movement to study and it’s also been probably the most maligned movement of my generation. There’s rarely anyone who is neutral on it. You either love it or you hate it. (Though the people who hate it are extremely outspoken!)

I, of course, love it. I love it with eyes wide open, realizing that there’s good and there’s bad in the side of this movement, but most of my ministry has been built in this tradition of what we call the Church Growth Movement.

When Donald McGavran first championed the “Church Growth Movement,” I don’t think he ever expected the criticisms and controversies that would surround the movement and attempt to diminish its impact!

His goal was a creative, pragmatic and effective way to keep evangelism at the forefront of what we’re doing.

But a lot of people, unfortunately, particularly my age and younger, have just dismissed it. They said, “There’s no value in that. There’s nothing we can learn with that.”

Too many of us have been guilty of throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to the Church Growth Movement. There’s a LOT that still matters.

Too many of today’s pastors and even seminary professors are ignorant of the “biblical” church growth principles that still apply today.

Yet the consequences of NOT knowing can be dangerous. Ignoring these principles will greatly limit your ministry and hinder your calling to fulfill The Great Commission!

So from the conversation and controversy surrounding the church growth movement, I have extracted seven lasting principles that you can immediately apply to your church.

I invite you to join me in an examination of the history of church growth and go in-depth into the most innovative and inspiring aspects of church growth with specific tactics that you can start using right now to maximize your ministry.

You’ll fully engage with this three-hour seminar as I provide you with concrete applications to your church with each principle, consistently asking the question and challenging you to think about –“How do we apply that principle today?”

In addition to uncovering dozens of ideas that you can start using right now in your ministry, you will also discover:

  • Where should you start in your evangelism efforts (ask this question first)
  • The 3 things a pastor must be willing to pay the price for in order to grow
  • What are the visible areas of the church that you can measure – the key metrics – and should
  • The 9 church diseases afflicting churches of all sizes and how to recognize them in your church
  • Why growth should be the norm, not the exception for your church
  • And much more!unnamed

Fulfill The Great Commission championed by our founding fathers of church growth. Recharge your ministry: Make an impact for the Kingdom today – and secure the future of your church for tomorrow.

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