What you need most at a time like this…($19 Leadership Skills)

$19 Leadership Skills

More than ever before, you’re being tested now as a church leader.

$19 Leadership Skills

Critical times like these call for next-level leadership. Challenging times like these are exactly when you need to focus on growing as a leader — to lead your church through this crisis and beyond.

One of the best things you could be doing right now is to focus on your personal growth. So we want to equip you now more than ever with the essential skills of pastoral leadership.

In my early years of ministry, God blessed me with relationships with some of the greatest leaders in America — giving me a FRONT ROW SEAT to try and determine what was special, what made their leadership so different (and successful).

Now these leaders weren’t all cut from the same cloth; on the contrary, they were from different denominations, backgrounds and styles — but in time I observed six unique skills that these powerful leaders ALL had in common.

Rarely does a week go by when I don’t thank God for these fine examples of leadership that I got to observe and work with. What I learned has served me well in ministry for over 25 years now — and is especially helping me now.

I’ve compiled these SIX SECRET SKILLS into a 3-hour seminar called “Leadership Skills for a Growing Church.” And I decided to remove any obstacles that you would have to pick it up today.

I’ve dropped my resource down to the lowest rate I can do — just to cover our costs:


Click here to secure your copy now for just $19! 

This best-selling resources includes three hours of audio training plus a fill-in-the-blank listener’s guide and bonus documents on leadership principles!

In this best-selling three hour resource, I share with you these six secret skills that every leader of a growing church MUST develop and how you can get started immediately (great news: anyone can learn them!).

Here’s just a sample of what you will learn in this downloadable resource:

  • How to keep growing as a leader, regardless of what season you or your church might be going through
  • How to manage your ever-increasing time demands
  • How to maximize your staff and volunteers — and why this is vital to your impact as a leader
  • How to think one step ahead and anticipate the future
  • How to reproduce other leaders and exponentially increase your effectiveness
  • And much more!

This fully downloadable resource also includes:

  • 3 full hours of MP3 audio training
  • Complete fill in the blank participant notes
  • Bonus documents on leadership principles
  • And more!

It’s a packed, nuts-and-bolts resource! You’ll get all this for 94% OFF today thru Friday, March 27th! 

Click here to secure Leadership Skills for a Growing Church for the Super Low Rate of only $19 (Normally $299.95) — You save 94%! 

Because I’m serious about helping you grow at this critical time.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Now, this resource is a little different than most of my resources in three ways:

1. This resource is not pulled directly from my own experience — rather, it’s a compilation of what I learned over many years serving with some of America’s greatest leaders (lots of names you’d recognize and a few that you’ve probably never heard of).

2. This resource will pull back the veil on the real difference between most people and those we recognize as “great leaders” (hint: it’s not just about charisma or natural ability – these are skills YOU can develop to maximize your leadership as well!).

3. While it technically falls under the “Leadership System,” what you learn in this resource will positively affect EVERY area of your church when you develop these six skills. As you probably already know, everything rises and falls on leadership.

Remember, this is the lowest rate I have ever had for my Leadership Skills resource — Just $19! This is the perfect time for you to learn about and begin to develop the skills that will dramatically increase your effectiveness as a leader!

Click here to secure your copy now for just $19! 

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