What is the Generosity Ladder?

If you’ve ever changed a light bulb or painted a house, you know that a ladder is simply a tool to get you from your current level to a higher plane. Things that are out of reach before we step onto a ladder are easily in our grasp after we climb to the top.

The generosity ladder, like any ladder, is a tool. Right now you are standing at the bottom of the ladder, ankle-deep in the financial stress of debt, anxiety, and frustration, looking toward the top rung, the place from which you’ll be able to wrap your hand around a life filled with financial peace.

From that top rung, the new reality you’ve been dreaming of will be fully within your reach. But before you can start the climb toward a better future, you have to do two things:

  1. Acknowledge that your current way of viewing and managing your money isn’t getting you where you want to be financially.
  2. Commit to questioning your own paradigm and beginning to see your financial life through a different lens.

The journey toward financial peace begins with a paradigm shift. You need to change your perspective in regards to the dollar bills in your bank account.

Perhaps right now you feel like money has control over you. That’s because your paradigm is giving it control. Perhaps you are convinced that you’ll never have enough. That’s because your paradigm has led you to this false belief. Maybe you are so far in debt that you can’t see a way out. Your paradigm got you there.

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When you shift your perspective, you will experience a financial transformation. But the key is to allow yourself to see your money in a different light. As you read this book, let me encourage you to stay open to the ideas I am presenting. You will have to step into some uncomfortable territory. Change is never easy. When you’ve been operating by one set of beliefs for a long time, it can be difficult to open yourself up to a new set. But just remember–doing more of what you’ve always done will only get you more of what you’ve always gotten.

Here’s what I can guarantee: if you take this climb up the generosity ladder, you will experience life as you’ve never known it before. You will finally be able to replace financial stress with financial peace. You will be free to live the life you’ve been created to live, without the weight of constant worry. But you have to be willing to let the lens of truth clarify your perspective, starting with one big, underlying, paradigm-shifting truth: God owns it all.

–Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson

The above excerpt is from pgs. 16-19 of The Generosity Ladder: Your Next Step to Financial Peace.

Help your people find financial peace with my best-selling book, The Generosity Ladder. Imagine a life in which you don’t struggle to make ends meet each month–a life with no debt, a healthy savings account, and solid plans for retirement. Imagine being able to help people in need and give to causes much bigger than your own concerns. This is how God wants everyone to live. And it is attainable. With the help of this practical and insightful book, your people will uncover their true level of financial health and discover a step-by-step plan to save, spend, and invest money in a responsible, godly way. Click here for more information on ordering in bulk for your church.

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