What is a Tithe Challenge?

Tithe-Challenge-web-icon3Early on as pastor at The Journey in New York City, I tackled a message series on stewardship.  During the second message, we decided to hit hard on the importance of bringing the full tithe to God.  I just shot right to the heart of the issue and let everyone know they should be tithing– this was our first tithe challenge!

A Tithe Challenge is a set period of time where you challenge the people in your church to bring the full tithe to God during that period of time. 

My goal was to challenge everyone in the congregation to commit to tithing for four months.  I knew that, if they agreed, by the end of the four months the tithe would be a regular part of their lives and God would be showing himself to them in a real way.  

These families were made up of church and unchurched people alike; what they had in common was neither group had ever heard the message about tithing this plainly.  No one had told them what stewardship means to their discipleship.  No one had ever told them that, actually, God went so far as to say, “Test me in this.”  But they responded in a BIG way to this simple, but proven Biblical message.  We had 400 families accept that Tithe Challenge!

Now, this is not just a challenge for your people — it’s a challenge for you, too– to be able to step out of your comfort zone and speak to them this honestly.  I know this is not an easy message.  But, how can they hear unless somebody tells them?

That’s what the tithe challenge is all about — stepping our of your comfort zone and challenging people to step out of theirs.  

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P.S.  You can bring the Tithe Challenge to your church too!  Since the time of The Journey’s first Tithe Challenge, I have developed and used this proven system with hundreds of churches across North America and outside the U.S. from Africa to New Zealand.

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  • How to conduct each stage of a Tithe Challenge including preparation, communication, and follow-up
  • What time-frame works best for a successful challenge
  • How to implement the challenge from the stage and through small groups
  • How a Tithe Challenge impacts every one of the 8 systems of a healthy church
  • How to measure the success of your Tithe Challenge

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