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Happy 88th Birthday Dr. Elmer Towns: FREE Church Growth Collection + Share a Greeting with Dr. Towns — Opportunity ends Friday, Oct. 23rd!

Join Nelson in celebrating the 88th birthday of his mentor, Dr. Elmer Towns — and get FREE access to a treasure trove of Towns church growth articles, reports and audio from a classic interview on "The Power of a Big Day"!

Elmer Towns
Elmer Towns

If you haven’t yet met Dr. Elmer Towns, Nelson would like to introduce you to one of his mentors who is celebrating 88 years young!

Dr. Towns is a spiritual giant who you’ll also find to be a great encourager to pastors. He is someone who Nelson has studied and looked up since day one when Nelson went into ministry.

An expert in historical church growth and an author of over 200 popular and scholarly works, Dr. Towns has also spoken at several of Nelson’s live events and coaching sessions. And he is the first-ever recipient of the Renegade Pastors Icon Award to acknowledge Excellence in Abandoning Average in Life and Ministry.

Dr. Nelson Searcy presented Dr. Towns with the first-ever Renegade Pastors Icon Award at the Renegade Pastors Conference in Orlando, Florida.

So to celebrate this Church Growth Champion, you have the option to send Dr. Towns a birthday greeting, as well as get FREE exclusive access to a treasure trove of Towns articles, reports and audio from a classic interview between Nelson and Dr. Towns. Keep scrolling to complete the short form below.

A Snapshot of Dr. Elmer Towns

Elmer Towns identifies himself as “an author-teacher who loves to study, share and teach.” After more than 40 years of teaching and over 200 popular and scholarly works (as well as two encyclopedias), this college and seminary professor has educated, equipped and inspired spiritual leaders throughout the world. He is also the co-founder of Liberty University, holds visiting professorship rank in five seminaries and has written over 2,000 reference and popular articles and received six honorary doctoral degrees. In his many years of ministry, he’s also been a popular seminar lecturer, bestselling author, and authority on the subjects of Sunday school, Church Growth, spirituality and fasting.

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"The Power of a Big Day" Conversation with Nelson Searcy and Dr. Elmer Towns

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