Time is Running Out for a Difference-Making Christmas Offering!

Well, the clock is ticking…

Time is running out for you to secure your copy of my new resource and lead a successful Christmas Offering at your church.

This brand new “How to Plan and Conduct an Effective Christmas Offering” resource will no longer be available after this Monday, October 31st at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Here’s why- I refuse to set you up for failure, and if you don’t get started now, you won’t have the necessary time to prepare for the best offering possible.

There are dozens of steps (some small, some more in-depth) that go into conducting an effective Christmas Offering.

Over the years, I’ve created a comprehensive checklist of these steps and included it as one of the key elements of this resource. I really do want you to succeed!

This checklist includes everything you need to do to prepare, collect and follow up every step of the way – and most of it I’ve already done for you!

Here are just some of the steps this resource will guide you through the “How,” “When” and “Why” of:

  • Choosing a name and theme for your offering. This resource includes samples from The Journey to get your creative juices flowing (or for you to re-use at your place).
  • Prayerfully setting your goal and causes. Deciding which ministries & missions opportunities you’ll support through your offering and how much you’re hoping to raise.
  • Designing a logo and printed materials. You’ll find three complete sample campaigns in this resource that you can edit and re-use in your church with minimal effort.
  • Introducing the offering to your church. This resource lays out the proven process for casting the vision of this special offering to your congregation.
  • Following up on every gift to the offering. You’ll receive the actual documents we use to thank and encourage each giver – and help them understand the difference they’re making.
  • Publicizing each of your causes throughout the campaign. The people of your church are ready and willing to support your various ministries & missions causes – by taking time to connect the dots, you’ll encourage more of them to participate and grow.
  • Updating givers of progress along the way. This resource will teach you how to keep your people “in the loop” as to how the offering is going and how their sacrificial gifts are making an impact.
  • Thanking each giver for their contribution to the overall offering. There’s no better way to reward a growing disciple than to help them see how their spiritual growth and faithful giving is making a difference in the world.
  • And much, much more!

In addition to this powerful checklist, the nearly three hours of audio training, and dozens of documents and files included in the resource itself, I also recorded three videos to help you get started:

Video #1 – Why Do a Christmas Offering?
I outline for you each of the reasons why this offering can be the most important and impactful offering of the entire year.

Video #2 – What is a Christmas Offering?
I reveal to you the exact definition of what a Christmas Offering is and – most importantly – what it is not.

Video #3 – How Much Can I Raise?
I share with you the secrets of setting a goal for your Christmas Offering that will challenge your church and that you’ll be sure to reach.

So, the clock is ticking….

It’s all coming down this coming Monday, October 31st!

Secure your copy at the link below:


You will NOT be able to obtain this new Christmas Offering resource after Monday, October 31st. I don’t want to do you a disservice by not giving you enough time to plan and prepare.

Don’t let the clock run out!


P.S. Here is the complete list of everything you’ll receive in this resource, plus the over $638.00 in Bonus Resources:

  • Over two and a half hours of MP3 audio training from Nelson Searcy
  • Fill-in-the-blank Listener’s Guide
  • Step-by-Step Christmas Offering Checklist
  • 25 sample documents – emails, letters and “how-to” files
  • Over 60 sample graphics files – including files from three of The Journey’s most successful recent campaigns
  • Over $638.00 in BONUS RESOURCES!
  • BONUS – 7 Q and A audios with Nelson, including:
    • How will this impact our budget?
    • What if we’re also running a capital campaign?
    • How does this interact with missions and church planting?
    • What should I name our offering?
    • What is the best way to manage these funds?
    • How can I set the right goal?
    • How many causes should we support in our offering?
  • BONUS – 4 Complete Sermon Series, and additional sermons to help you teach your people the power of Biblical generosity in supporting God’s work.
    • Christmas Traditions Sermon Series
    • Christmas in Narnia Sermon Series
    • The Grinch Sermon Series
    • Beyond the City Sermon Series (never-before-released)
  • BONUS – Improve the Financial Fitness of Your Church (3-hour seminar)
  • BONUS – How to Plan & Conduct a Christmas Offering E-Book
  • BONUS – Christmas in October Audio Training
  • BONUS – How to Lead Your Church During the Financial Crisis Audio Training

As you can see, this resource will give you all the tools you need to lead an effective and fruitful Christmas Offering. Whether you’re hoping to raise $1,500.00 or $350,000.00, you will receive the proven principles, strategy and process to reach your goal.

Beyond all that, by securing “How to Plan and Conduct an Effective Christmas Offering,” you will extend your church’s ability to fund missions and ministry in the coming year AND challenge your people to grow spiritually through the discipline of sacrificial giving!

DON’T DELAY though, the clock is ticking and planning ahead is the most important key in leading an effective Christmas Offering. To that end, this resource is ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH MONDAY, OCTOBER 31 AT 11:59PM EASTERN!

Click the link below to secure “How to Plan and Conduct an Effective Christmas Offering” today:


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