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I’m kicking off a series of Church Growth Champions Tele-seminars this Thursday, September 12 at 2pm ET!

 Join me and Dr. Elmer Towns for the first of four tele-seminars.

Dr. Elmer Towns has authored popular and scholarly works (as well as edited two encyclopedias) and is a college and seminary professor whose studies and teachings center on Church Growth.

Dr. Towns made his first significant contribution to church growth with the research and publication of The Ten Largest Sunday Schools and What Made Them Grow (Baker, 1969, ten editions).

The findings had a significant influence for several reasons:

  • Dr. Towns developed a sociological modeling research tool that inducted principles of ministry and church growth from growing churches.
  • These churches in turn became models that motivated many churches to grow (during a period when media reflected a downward trend in church growth).
  • Dr. Towns used his position as Sunday school editor of Christian Life magazine to popularize the results of his study, especially in the annual listing of the 100 largest Sunday schools.

Since then, Dr. Towns has currently published over 100 books, seven of which are listed on the Christian Booksellers Best Selling List.

Dr. Towns currently holds visiting professorship at five seminaries and has written over 2,000 reference – most concerning church growth.

THIS THURSDAY, I will be interviewing Dr. Elmer Towns on his work and studies on Church Growth.  

Don’t miss this one-time opportunity to hear personal stories about these legends. You are in for quite a treat in hearing these personal interviews with Nelson and these champions of church growth!

You will be able to attend all 4 tele-seminars LIVE and receive the complete recordings if you’re unable to make it (no need to worry if you can’t attend each one live). A $396.00 value – get all 4 for only $27! PLUS you will receive TWO FREE MONTHS in my Renegade Pastors Network – an additional $1,011.20 value – yours FREE!

I want to not only teach you about church growth in these Tele-Seminars, but continue to coach you in church growth and church health through this powerful network of growth-oriented pastors.

These are Tele-Seminars so all you need is a telephone to participate! (note: long distance rates may apply)

Secure your spot today! Plus you will Receive a recording of each Tele-seminar and TWO FREE Months of Nelson’s Renegade Pastors Network.

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