The 200 Growth Barrier in Churches Revisited: 9 Observations From Dr, Thom Rainer

thomFrom time to time I come across something that I read that I want to share with you.  Here is the condensed version of a recent post by Dr. Thom Rainer I found insightful:

I was greatly influenced by, and indeed I was a part of, the church growth movement with its emphasis on numerical growth in congregations. Today, the influence of church growth writers has waned. My son, Jess Rainer, was recently reading an older book in this genre. His interest encouraged me to review some of the contributions of this era.

It was a fascinating journey to read again works from the 1970s and 1980s by Bill Sullivan, C. Peter Wagner, Elmer Towns, Bill Easum, John Maxwell (pre-leadership guru days), Carl George, George Hunter, and others. I was particularly interested in those works dealing with the 200 attendance barrier in churches. So I took a day to review those specific works. Allow me to share with you some observations.

  1. The interest waned in materials on attendance barriers and was replaced by deeper biblical and theological works.
  2. It is unfortunate that the interest has waned so significantly though. These teachings can be very helpful.
  3. The numerical emphasis is not as important as Great Commission obedience.
  4. Many of the issues related to the 200 barrier dealt with church members being willing to get out of their comfort zone for the sake of the gospel.
  5. One of the most important messages of the 200 barrier works was the imperative for leaders to let go.
  6. These works showed us the importance of goal setting.
  7. These works showed us that the attitude of the congregation is critical to breaking the 200-barrier.
  8. Evangelism must be a priority.
  9. These works helped leaders become more effective change agents.

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