Overcoming the Myth of “That Will Never Work Here”

One of the greatest obstacles to your church growing, thriving and reaching its “full redemptive potential” is a short, 6-word phrase that has led to the plateau and ultimate decline of many a church: That will never work here because… If only I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that statement over the years – it’s normally followed … Read More

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What Changes Are Holding You Back?

I often hear from church leaders who are just one or two small changes away from seeing big results in one area or another of their church. It may be sending handwritten notes to first time guests (assimilation), planning their preaching calendar (worship planning) or printing custom offering envelopes and putting them in each week’s program (stewardship) but whatever the … Read More

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Coaching Alumni Highlight

Here’s a special mid-week coaching alumni highlight for you: Philip Wagner and his wife Holly founded Oasis Christian Center more than 24 years ago with less than 10 people. Today this multicultural, creative congregation numbers over 2,000 regular attenders, and they meet in the historic Oasis Theater in downtown Los Angeles. God’s dream for Oasis is alive and well! It’s … Read More

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Monday Proflections – June 2, 2008

I still have two more days of vacation before I return to the city but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on this week.  Here’s a look at what’s happening with me and Church Leader Insights this week. Monday – It’s not too late for you to get and implement the summer outreach ideas in my FREE report … Read More

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