How Do You Recruit For A New Position On Your Staff?

In my NEW Staffing Workshop resource, I focus on four areas of staffing: recruiting, hiring, managing and firing/de-hiring.  95% of staffing mistakes are made in the recruiting and hiring stages. The key to recruitment is to be crystal clear about who and what you want. My friend Paul Fleming just recently left the church he started to pursue a great … Read More

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Q & A – When A Staff Member Resigns

Here’s an “Ask Nelson” question that I answered a while back: Q:I’ve got a staffing question and wanted to bounce it off you – one of the members of my staff needs to step down because she needs more time with her family, but everything’s on the up and up between her & the church. She’s willing to stay on … Read More

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Top 10 Hiring Lessons

Here’s a great compilation of hiring lessons that my friend Dan Reiland (The Pastor’s Coach) sent out last week: “Never Hire Your Mama” by Dan Reiland King Asa fired his grandmother. That’s a rough day in the palace I don’t care you are! Read the story in I Kings 15:9-15. 9 In the twentieth year of Jeroboam king of Israel, … Read More

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