How to Follow Up with New People

With the popularity of the Fusion book and all of the other Assimilation resources and training that I get to do, you can imagine how much feedback and how many questions I get about how to best integrate, or “assimilate” new people into your church. Here’s one of the more common questions: Since we already email and call (and possibly … Read More

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Q & A – Investing in Newcomers (Fusion)

Here’s a question I received and replied to recently regarding Fusion: Q: Thanks so much for writing the book Fusion, about getting people plugged into our church. I recently found and read it, and it’s been very helpful. I like the fact that you lay out a clear, practical plan to improve how we connect with newcomers and I truly … Read More

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Are You Reaching Non-Christians This Christmas? (Part 4)

This week, we’ve been thinking about how you can work with the natural surge that God has built into the Christmas season to influence those who don’t yet know Jesus. We started by making sure we are outwardly-focused this season. Then, we talked about how to increase the number of guests at our Christmas services. Yesterday, we learned how to … Read More

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What Happens AFTER Baptism?

Baptism is a very important event in the life of any new Christian. I know that we all go to great lengths to make sure the celebration is done just right. But what about the day or week after the baptism service? What’s your follow-up plan? I’ve noticed that the week after a person’s baptism can be a trying time. … Read More

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