Launch Conference is coming to Atlanta on September 30!

The One-Day Launch Conference is coming to Atlanta on Tuesday, September 30.  I just found out that my schedule will allow me to be there, so I’ll be co-leading the conference with Bob Franquiz, founding pastor of Miami Fellowship in Miami, FL. During this event, we will teach you: – The best launch dates (and the worst!) – The most … Read More

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Monday Proflections – July 28, 2008

Here’s what’s happening with me and CLI that may be of interest to you this week: Monday – In addition to the usual follow-up from Sunday, I’ll be following-up with the 57 people who were baptized on Saturday at our Beach Baptism (see tomorrow’s post for our follow-up process).  That’s a record for one of our beach events – God … Read More

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Lessons Learned From Rick Warren – Lesson #3

Lesson #3 – You Are Blessed To Be A Blessing   Rick taught me The Principle of Generosity. This principle states that you are blessed to be a blessing. God wants to work through you. He wants the blessings He pours into your life and ministry to flow out of you and bless others. Picture a living river, being fed … Read More

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Debate versus Denigrate

Yesterday I read an article by someone disagrees with some of my ideas about church planting (launching large, building the church from the outside in, etc.).  He wrote a great article and made some great points that offered alternatives to my views. I actually wrote him and congratulated him on his analysis while clarifying some of my own positions.  We … Read More

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Launch En Espanol

I just found out that my book “Launch:Starting A New Church From Scratch” is being translated into Spanish. Hola! OK, now I’ve exhausted the extent of my spanish, even though I had two years in high school (in defense of Mrs. Williams, my teacher, I can read spanish much better than I can speak it!). I don’t know yet when … Read More

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