Starting a Sermon Series on Easter

Since Easter Sunday’s date varies, April 20th this year,  it can sneak up on you – and on the unchurched people in your community – if you aren’t careful. But with a little forward thinking and strategic planning on your part, you can work with God as he uses this singular day to draw people to himself in much larger numbers than any other time throughout the year.

So, Ready or Not, You’ll find yourself preaching to a larger crowd than usual on Easter morning. You will have more first-time guests than you are used to…and you will have a set window of time to influence them with what you say and persuade them to come back to your church. Please don’t take this lightly. The new faces sitting in front of you are gifts from God – literally. Don’t neglect your responsibility in giving them the best possible opportunity to know him. Keeping the critical nature of your Easter message in mind, you have three preaching strategy options available to you. You can:

1. End a teaching series on Easter Sunday

2. Preach a stand-alone message on Easter Sunday, or

3. Begin a teaching series on Easter Sunday

The best option is to kick off a series on Easter Sunday.

First of all, your guests feel like they have shown up at the beginning of a new chapter in your church, which is psychologically pleasing. Starting a series on Easter Sunday also gives you the opportunity to lay down a challenge. You can challenge all of your guests to keep coming back – not indefinitely, but for the duration of the series.

A large percentage of the regular members and attenders at The Journey first came to the church on Easter, or a similar big day, never expecting to return. God had a different plan. We simply did our part to cooperate.

By strategically planning your preaching and your service, and by being aware of the ways you can effectively reach out to the first-timers that Easter will bring, you will be doing your part to maximize this built-in big day. I challenge you to challenge your first time guests this Easter.

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Nelson Searcy
Lead Pastor, The Journey Church


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