Avoid the Heartache of a Costly Staffing Mistake! Save Time and Money with these Step-by-Step Hiring – and De-Hiring Checklists – Developed in the School of Hard Knocks!

Avoid the Heartache of a Costly Staffing Mistake! Save Time and Money with these Step-by-Step Hiring – and De-Hiring Checklists – Developed in the School of Hard Knocks!

Nothing keeps us awake more than staffing issues. Having the right staff on board will either double the effectiveness of your church – or it will cut it in half.

My personal journey in leading The Journey is why I’m so passionate about helping you – I’ve made more than a few mistakes in the area of staffing and I want to help you avoid the same pain.

That’s why I’d like to give you a FREE Staffing Resource of your choice (each a $19.95 value). Choose one – or both (I suggest you get them both!).

I developed these Hiring and De-Hiring Checklists so that nothing is overlooked during either the critical hiring process or that important transition time when someone is leaving your church.

These lists are the result of hundreds of hours of hard-learned experience at my own church plus hours working with my coaching alumni. Each checklist is only one page but as tools for effective staff management they are priceless.

They are painfully practical, but each step on these checklists has the potential to save you and your church heartache in the long run!

Just complete the short from below and select your resources.

– Nelson

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Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome your growth barrier and the role your staff plays to break that barrier.
  • Why staffing is one of the most difficult tests of leadership and what you can do about it.
  • How to measure the commitment level of every staff member . . . every day.
  • Why being on a church staff is the highest calling anyone can answer and how to manage your staff according to their calling
  • Plus much more

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Meet Dr. Nelson Searcy

Nelson Searcy is an experienced church growth strategist, pastor, church planter and coach, consulting with churches around the world.

As founder of Church Leader Insights and the Renegade Pastors Network, he has personally trained more than 3,500 church leaders in over 45 denominations through live events, seminars and monthly coaching, helping them break common growth barriers like 125, 250, 500, 1000 and beyond, all while maintaining personal life and ministry balance. For more accelerated growth, pastors also participate in Nelson’s systems-based Gold, Platinum and Titanium coaching networks.

Nelson is also the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Journey Church, with locations across New York City and in Boca Raton, FL. Nelson and his church routinely appear on lists such as “The 50 Most Influential Churches” and “The 25 Most Innovative Leaders.” He is the author of over 100 church growth resources and 18+ books, including The Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Life, Ministry and The Difference Maker: Using Your Everyday Life for Eternal Impact, and At the Cross with the People Who Were There.

Nelson is the recipient of the prestigious Donald A. McGavran Award for Outstanding Leadership in Great Commission Research. His continued mission is to help church leaders around the world cooperate with God in creating healthy, thriving churches. He divides his time between NYC and South Florida. He's also an avid country music fan, church history buff and New England Patriots supporter. He and his wife, Kelley, have one son, Alexander.