Staffing Struggles? Join Me at the Staffing Workshop LIVE at Disney!

StaffingNothing keeps me awake more than staffing issues at The Journey!

I want to lead a great staff for the glory of God and for the continued effectiveness of our church. And I bet you do too, right?

Which is why I wanted to invite you to a special one-time event I’m doing at the request of my Advanced Coaching Network (my highest-level network).

For way too many years, I struggled with effectively managing and motivating staff, knowing when (or even how) to hire staff and, not to be too harsh, how to fire (or de-hire) poor performing, but often good-hearted, staff.

Back in 2004 after a very difficult period of bad hires, poor morale and general staff mismanagement, I made a vow to become an expert on recruiting, hiring, managing and de-hiring staff.

I set out to read everything I could find on staffing (over 52 books so far), interview my mentors and pastor friends (some who pastor the largest churches in the US) on the topic and work hard to implement an effective staffing process at The Journey Church.

Here are some truths I’ve learned about staffing:

  • One of the most difficult issues of pastoral leadership is staffing.  
  • Finding the right staff is extremely difficult.  We must know where to look and how to recruit (key skills that can be learned).  Don’t ever ‘settle’ – you’ll regret it and so will your other staff. 
  • Managing staff – both full and part-time – is time consuming, painful and (let’s admit it) scary at times.  A skill we didn’t learn in seminary. 
  • And then, when it’s time for a staff member to leave – by their choice or ours – it hurts and most pastors don’t have a proven plan to handle it. 
  • 90% of future staff problems happen during the hiring process. 

This is just a sample of the issues I plan to address at my upcoming LIVE One-Day Staffing Workshop on Thursday, April 16th in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL.

In fact, I want to teach you my complete staffing system.  It’s based around the four areas of recruitinghiring, managing and de-hiring staff.  It’s a packed one-day workshop and only for the pastor who really cares.

In addition to my staffing system I’m also sharing all my supplemental forms, documents, checklists and actual files that you can begin to use IMMEDIATELY to help you in all areas of staffing.  Most of these are private internal documents I’ve never shared before.

This is also an intentionally ‘smaller workshop’ that is all ‘meat and potatoes’ around a single focus.  There are no plans to repeat this event, nor will it be recorded.  Currently we have 24 seats left.

If you are serious about staffing your church for growth and maximizing the current and future staff that God sends your way, then you owe it to yourself and to your staff to attend this event.  Adjust your schedule as needed but don’t miss it!

Here are the details:

LIVE Staffing Workshop: Hiring, Managing, Dehiring
Thursday, April 16
9:00am – 4:00pm

Note: Upon registration you will receive hotel info and a special room reservation rate.

Be sure to register before the Super Early Bird deadline of March 15 – you can save $250.00 plus save your spot before the workshop completely fills up!

Hurry though – there are only 24 seats left as of right now!

Due to the nature and high level focus of this workshop, no further discounts or additional seats will be added.  As someone entrusted to manage staff, you know you need to be at the event.  See you there.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Here’s just a sample of what I’ll cover at this one-time focused event:

– the full multi-step hiring process designed to help you get the right person in the right position everytime
– the specific recruitment tools available to you so you have multiple options in finding the right people
– the pre-assessment tools every candidate must complete
– how to ATTRACT the right people (and REPEL the wrong people – yes, you must do both)
– how NOT to negotiate salary and benefits
– when to hire part-time vs full time
– when you should NEVER hire from within
– a check list for hiring
– why you never hire for more than 90 days (yes, even your Executive Pastor)
Plus so much more! 85% of staffing issues are from a bad hiring process

– how to get top results from all staff
– how to manage associates and assistants (its different!)
– learn my ‘to-do’ list tricks for effective management
– how to check-in, meet with and manage staff effectively
– how to effectively use a policy manual (and what should and shouldn’t be included)
– how to measure staff progress and spiritual growth (you gotta measure both)
– how to spot problems before they become problems
– the one 10-minute meeting to have each week to maximize Sunday
– when to, how to and how NOT to meet
– why you should NEVER do a year end review (and what you should do before then)
– how to keep morale high
– how to reward (or reprimand) staff
And so much more. This will be worth the effort to attend!

– Firing vs dehiring – there’s a difference.
– how to handle a moral failure
– what exactly to do when a staff member resigns
– how to HELP a bad staff person resign
– what to do before you fire someone
– when firing or dehiring may not be the right choice
– the TWO things your church wants to know when a staff member leaves
– how to help someone leave gracefully
– how to handle gossip over a departing staff member
– a check list for departure
– what NOT to say when someone leaves (whether its a good or bad leave)
– how to emotionally handle ‘letting someone’ go
And much more. You’ll save yourself a ton of heartache by knowing how to fire or dehire properly.

It will be a packed day! I’ll show up loaded and ready with a ton of hand-outs and examples! But I’ll leave room for interaction, discussion and Q and A.

P.P.S. Remember, the Super Early Bird Registration ends March 15th.  Be sure to secure your spot and save $250.00 on your registration.

Hurry – there are only 24 seats left as of right now!

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