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Enjoy 3 Packed Days with Your Fellow Pastors: Wednesday, March 1 (starts at 9:30am) - Friday, March 3, 2023 (last day ends at 12:30pm, making it easy to travel out)

You Will Be EQUIPPED, ENCOURAGED and Even ENTERTAINED! Join Pastor Nelson Searcy and Your Fellow Pastors Back LIVE In-Person at Walt Disney World, Orlando

Super Early Bird rates just $149 for you (regularly $599) and for the first 25 to register, it's FREE to bring your spouse AND one additional guest (regularly $199 each)! Sign up now for the ultimate 3-day pastor retreat that will help you make 2023 the BEST YEAR EVER!

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Don't Miss Your Best Opportunity to...

RECHARGE Your Leadership
AND RENEW Your Calling



As a Senior Pastor you are called to accomplish great things for God. You want to grow a healthy church but at the same time grow your passion for ministry and reaching the lost. All without sacrificing your health or your family. At this conference you'll find practical solutions and strategies to lead with strength, clarity, courage, balance and above all a commitment to fulfill your calling in the face of great challenges.

Don’t Miss These Three Days of:

  • All NEW eye-opening leadership talks from Nelson Searcy!
  • Super practical keynote sessions from our all-star guest speakers!
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with other Renegade Pastors and church leaders!
  • A positive growth environment that will leave you inspired and encouraged!

Three days dedicated to helping you fulfill your calling as a pastor — to replenish your energy and focus for ministry!

Senior Pastors, you’re invited to join Nelson and special guests for a memorable and motivational special event completely focused on equipping YOU to abandon average!

Enjoy three packed days with your fellow pastors full of encouragement, fellowship and eye-opening training!

The Renegade Pastors Conference is Back In-Person
— Shape 2023 into the Best Year Yet for Your Ministry!

You can now be a part of the ultimate event for pastors that will equip, encourage and motivate you to reach your maximum growth potential!

Ministry is challenging — now more than ever — but you don’t need to do it alone. Get the insights and inspiration you need to face those obstacles head-on and perform at the highest level as a Senior Pastor.

Discover practical tips to honor God in your personal life and ministry, advanced leadership insights, and best practices from our speakers and other successful “Renegades” from across the country. You will learn:

  • How to cultivate consistent personal and professional growth
  • How to lead with your head AND your heart
  • Tactics and checkpoints to ensure that you’re fulfilling your calling as a minister
  • And more!

At the super-low rate available to you, you will not get this caliber of speakers anywhere else — you owe it to yourself and your leadership for 2023 to attend and NOT MISS OUT on the Kingdom-impacting content from this line-up (see below)!

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Dear Pastor,

This has been an incredibly difficult time in ministry, and 2023 will have its own challenges as well. But you are not alone and you are a click away from being a part of the most critical training event you could attend in 2023. This conference is strategically timed in the first part of the year to help you discover and implement leadership strategies that will position you to grow throughout the year.

Join us for a special 3-day pastor leaders conference completely focused on equipping YOU to abandon average.

Nelson Searcy
Lead “Renegade” Pastor
The Journey Church

P.S. I’m excited to lead this conference back at Walt Disney World, Orlando (yes, I plan to be there in person to see all of you LIVE in the room!). Our hotel and conference center is completely renovated and we’ve secured super low rates for you (scroll down for more details). Enjoy this special pastor retreat together!

Our 2023 Conference Speakers

You’re Invited to Join Nelson and Special Guests for a Memorable and Motivational LIVE In-Person Event Full of Encouragement, Fellowship and Eye-Opening Training for Our New Reality!

Founder of

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Master Leadership & Stewardship Strategic Thinker

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Founder of Replenish Ministries and Leading from a Healthy Soul

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Founder of Renegade Executive Pastors Network

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Founder of Renegade Worship Pastors Network

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Founding Pastor, New Life Community Church

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"Juggler for Jesus"

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Plus, you'll hear the latest from our featured sponsors:

Boyd Pelley and James Seawell, from Churchteams

Don’t wait, this 3-day leadership event is back in Walt Disney, Orlando and will sell out!

Only $149 for you (regularly $599) and if you're one of the first 25 to register, it's FREE to bring your spouse AND one additional guest (regularly $199 each)! Save big with Super Early Bird rates — while seats are still available!

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100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you aren’t completely satisfied with the impact of this conference, just let Nelson know anytime before the end of Day 1 and you’ll be completely refunded.


FREE Limited-Time Membership Pass in Nelson's Renegade Pastors Network (Saving $297.00 + Get $895.45 in Bonus Resources)

Your test drive includes a limited-time Renegade Pastors silver membership with all benefits and access. You'll have a private membership hub with access to ministry news and insights, live teachings from Nelson include two monthly coaching calls and over $895.45 of his best-selling church growth resources. PLUS you will get a FREE copy of Nelson’s book The Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Life and Ministry.

Since technically this conference is only for Nelson's network members, you must maintain your membership to attend the Renegade Pastors Conference. After that you can cancel anytime. If you cancel your membership before the Renegade Pastors Conference, you may keep your sign-up bonuses, but you will forfeit your spot at the conference.

Note: Your First Membership Payment will Not Be Billed Until April 1st!

Enjoy This Personal and Professional Retreat at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida!

Sign up now and bring your spouse for FREE! (You read that correctly, will be $199 later) – Don't miss this Super Early Bird registration exclusive — only available to the first 25 who register!

Plus extend your stay to experience more of beautiful Orlando, FL! You will also enjoy a completely renovated hotel at the special low rate we’ve secured for you of only $104/night. You can even come early or stay late at this special rate. Once you register, you will receive complete hotel details.

Why not make it a true Walt Disney World retreat for you and your spouse?

Only $149 for you (regularly $599) and if you're one of the first 25 to register, it's FREE to bring your spouse AND one additional guest (regularly $199 each)! Save big with Super Early Bird rates — while seats are still available!

Click Here to Secure Your Spot Now!

This 3-day event has everything you need to abandon average in 2023 — and beyond! Where else can you:

  • Discover practical, nuts-and-bolts ideas to grow your ministry in our new reality — things you can implement immediately!
  • Connect with high-caliber speakers — both practitioners and scholars!
  • Join a community of fellow pastors from around the country and internationally
  • Discover new services and solutions to support your ministry
  • Shop for the latest resources and tools to help you grow personally and professionally

Ministry is challenging but you don’t need to do it alone. Get the insights and inspiration you need TODAY to face these obstacles head-on and perform at the highest level as a church leader.

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