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Those who don’t learn from history . . . well, you know the rest! Avoid mistakes in your church growth strategy by learning from these church growth pioneers. You will hear first-hand about their stories, examples, insights and perspectives – all of which have made huge contributions in growing the Kingdom.

Don’t miss this one-time opportunity to hear personal stories and practical insights on church growth. You are in for quite a treat in hearing these personal interviews with these champions of church growth!

You will be able to attend all 4 tele-seminars LIVE and receive the complete recordings if you’re unable to make it (no need to worry if you can’t attend each one live). A $396.00 value – get all 4 for only $27! PLUS I’m adding in TWO FREE MONTHS in my Renegade Pastors Network – an additional $1,011.20 value – yours FREE! I want to not only teach you about church growth in these Tele-Seminars, but continue to coach you in church growth and church health through this powerful network of growth-oriented pastors.

These are Tele-Seminars so all you need is a telephone to participate! (note: long distance rates may apply)

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I will be interviewing:

elmer towns

Dr. Elmer Towns

Dr. Elmer Towns – September 12 at 2 p.m. ET
Towns will go in-depth on the “Power of the Big Day” and how to use Big Day in your church. Towns has authored popular and scholarly works (as well as edited two encyclopedias) and is a college and seminary professor whose studies and teachings center on Church Growth. Unsatisfied with the books and resources on church growth that were available to him when he began teaching, Towns decided to write his own textbooks and so launched his career as an author. He has currently published over 100 books, seven of which are listed on the Christian Booksellers Best Selling List. Towns currently holds visiting professorship at five seminaries and has written over 2,000 reference materials – most concerning church growth.


Win Arn

charles arn

Dr. Charles Arn

Dr. Charles “Chip” Arn on Win Arn – September 19 at 2 p.m. ET
Dr. Arn will share stories and insights about his father, Win Arn, the Promoter of the Church Growth Movement throughout America. Charles “Chip” Arn became involved in ministry as a result of the influence of his father. Drawing on the ideas established by Donald McGavran, Win Arn devoted the next 20 years of his life to disseminating these ideas all over North America through films, books, seminars, workshops, audiotapes and a semimonthly magazine called Church Growth: America. When Charles Arn finished his doctoral work, he began to work with his father at Church Growth, Inc and took over as president in 1989 when Win Arn retired. Charles Arn has expounded upon the ideas of his father and created 14 different training seminars for evangelism and is considered one of the leading authorities in church growth today.

c peter wagner

Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Dr. C. Peter Wagner – September 26 at 2 p.m. ET
Wagner will delve into the theology of church growth. A leading Church Growth strategist, Wagner is the senior consultant and board member of Pasadena’s Fuller Evangelistic Association and associate professor of Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary. Wagner has worked with notable other strategists over the years, such as Dr. Donald McGavran, to apply the overseas Church Growth philosophy to American churches. His work also focuses on church growth through the church working as a homogeneous-unit. His latest books have included work on his ideas of spiritual warfare.

donald mcgavran

Donald McGavran

gary mcintosh

Dr. Gary McIntosh

Dr. Gary McIntosh on Donald McGavran – October 3 at 2 p.m. ET
McIntosh is the President of the Church Growth Network and Professor of Christian Ministry and Leadership at Talbot School of Theology. McIntosh currently conducts workshops and seminars (often on church growth) and has authored 18 books on church growth. His studies often draw on the works of Donald McGavran who is considered to be the founder of the modern-day Church Growth Movement. McGavran’s work identified the major barriers to the spread of Christianity and changed the methods by which missionaries identify and prioritize groups of people for missionary work.


I hope that you will be on the call!  Even if you can’t make it, you’ll receive the recordings of all four tele-seminars.

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