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As a pastor, nothing is more painful than seeing first-time guests come through your doors – and never returning again.

It may seem hopeless – until you understand the mindset of your guests and that there IS a process you can master to close the back door! 

It’s called Assimilation and, as we enter a busy spring season, NOW is the time to evaluate and refresh that process in your church. God wants His church to grow and the fastest way to see immediate growth is through rebooting your Assimilation system!


That’s why I’d like to give you a FREE Pastor’s Executive Summary – Assimilation Check-up ($19.95 value) so you can refocus your attention on the most important goal you can have as a pastor – getting a first-time guest to return.

Assimilation is one of those systems where a little bit of tweaking can reap BIG results.

I challenge you to review your Assimilation process today with the proven strategies I share in this downloadable Executive Summary. You’ll discover simple, small steps that you can start taking THIS WEEK to increase the number of people who return to your church – long enough for you to truly make a difference in their lives! 

Just click the link below to get your FREE Assimilation Executive Summary now! Download available thru Friday, April 10th only:

In this FREE Assimilation Executive Summary, you’ll discover impactful strategies and ideas, such as:

  • How the Power of Assimilation can rapidly grow your church.
  • Why we must show biblical hospitality and simple steps you can take to make your church more friendly.  
  • Three keys to creating an effective guest follow-up strategy. 
  • What should and shouldn’t happen in the first seven minutes with your guests.
  • The three Rs of retention.  
  • How to create opportunities for your guests to keep coming back – again and again – and become fully engaged members of your church!

Most people who visit a church don’t come to Christ right away. Putting a strong Assimilation system in place is the best way to ensure that your newcomers will stay with you long enough to respond to Christ’s pull.

Don’t miss out – review your Assimilation process with this FREE summary and keep more first-time guests coming back!

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Because I know you’ll put it off if I don’t give a deadline (human nature right!), I’m making this giveaway available today thru Friday, April 10 only – so don’t miss it!

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NOW is the time to evaluate and refresh your Assimilation process with a Spring Check-up!

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