Preach Better Sermons By Having One Goal: Radically Transformed Lives


The most important offensive stat in baseball is not home-runs or stolen bases or even batting average, it’s RBI’s (Runs Batted In). The more runs a team is able to score, the better the chance that team has to succeed.  So, one of the most significant questions for any baseball manager is this: How can I set my batting lineup so that our team can produce the most RBI’s possible?

For churches, the most important stat isn’t RBI’s…it’s RTL’s (Radically Transformed Lives). The more RTL’s that happen within a church, the better the church is fulfilling its mission in light of the Great Commandments and the Great Commission.

To see “Radically Transformed Lives” within your church…3 things have to be taking place.

  • Unbelievers must be coming to your church on a regular basis.
  • Attenders must be introduced to a personal relationship with Jesus in creative ways.
  • Believers (new and mature alike) must be continually challenged to take the next step in their life-long spiritual journey with Jesus.

And one of the most important ways to see these things happen in your church is through the weekly messages on Sunday. So, one of the most significant questions for any pastor is this: How can I set my message lineup so that our church can produce the most RTL’s possible? 

To set up your message line up, you first need to understand the 3 types of sermon series.

The Attract Series: 

On a baseball team, the first 3 hitters are the guys who get on base. They have a high batting average; they make contact with the ball; they don’t strike out.

Although they don’t hit very many home-runs or even get a lot of RBI’s, they do get on base so that the other batters can get the big hits and the RBI’s.  The 1-3 hitters in your message lineup have the purpose of getting runners on base too.

In other words, their main purpose is to bring new people into the church. These message series should be relevant to your community and should address topics that are attractive to people in your community – believers and unbelievers alike.  They should be messages that people in your church can get excited about bringing their unchurched friends to hear. They should address the felt needs of your community.

These series are not shallow…on the contrary; they are theologically deep and challenging. But they are particularly attractive to those who may not regularly attend church and should be placed during the time of year when your church has the greatest opportunity to reach new people.

Here are some examples of some of our 1-3 hitters at The Journey: “Tempted: Some Choices Kill,” “Forward in Faith“, “Sexual Resolution,” and “Unstuck: Moving Beyond Mediocrity.”

These message series are good at getting people on base – bringing new people into the church and getting them plugged in.

Check back tomorrow for the other two types of sermon series and learn how to use them to produce as many RTL’s as possible!

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