One Week Left to Save $600.00 on my FINAL Tele-Coaching Network (and Receive $1925.00+ in Bonuses)

My FINAL 12-Month Senior Pastor Tele-Coaching Network is set to begin in about one month, but…

NOW is the time for you to join and advantage of the EARLY BIRD SIGN-UP period – Apply before NEXT Thursday, January 31 to save $600.00 on the network rate and receive over $1,925.00 in Bonuses!

This 12-month coaching process is proven (in over 1,100 alumni churches) to bring about growth and health in you and your church.  Over our year together, I’ll train you and coach you to implement and/or upgrade all eight systems of your church.

I would love to be your coach over the next year – and my team has been having fun with all this retirement talk…

Nelson Searcy Senior Pastor Tele-Coaching Network

As you can see, this is going to be my FINAL 12-MONTH SENIOR PASTOR TELE-COACHING NETWORK before I retire it – and it starts on Thursday, Feb 28.

But let me be clear…

– I’m not retiring this coaching network because it’s not working. No, God continues to bless this network. The average graduate of my coaching program sees a 20% increase in attendance and a 25% increase in giving – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

– I’m not retiring this coaching network because I no longer care about pastors, church growth or fill-in-the-blank (whatever rumors you may have heard). In fact, I’m more committed than ever to pastors and churches.

Let me ask you a serious question:

What else could you do over the next 12 months that would have a greater impact on your leadership, personal life and church than joining my coaching network?

I’m more committed to this final network than any that I’ve ever done. I plan to retire it with a bang!

So, will you prayerfully consider joining me for this final network? 

I’m doing three things to make it easy for you to participate:

1) I’m opening it up to a few more pastors than normal (the response thus far has been incredible)

2) I’m returning to the original investment of the network when I started it – only $297 per month if you join NOW (the rate will go up after Jan 31).

3) I’ve simplified the application – you can complete it online in just a couple of minutes (no more having to dig thru five years of budget numbers – ha!)

For all the details of the network (what we cover, how it works, dates – which really don’t matter as most people listen to the replays, etc.) check out the link below.

I want to help you and your church reach your full redemptive potential – to reach as many people for Christ and make as many disciples as possible.

Check out this link to read more and apply now:

Don’t forget, apply before next Thursday, January 31 and you’ll receive the following additional Early Bird bonuses:

  • FREE membership in my Renegade Pastors Network – starting immediately when you’re accepted (includes over $813.00 in immediate bonuses!).
  • Your choice of two of my best-selling workshop resources FREE: “Planning Worship Services For Life Transformation” or “The Breaking Growth Barriers Workshop.” The value of each is $499.95, but you get one absolutely free for signing up early!
  • FREE Webinar Passes for all CLI Webinars between now and the February start of the network (up to a $147.00 value).

I’m looking forward to reviewing your application – let me know if you have any questions.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Click the link below to read all the details on this network and Apply before January 31 (next Thursday):

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