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This is Kerrick Thomas – Executive/Teaching Pastor at The Journey Church.  I’m writing to you today because I want you to be aware of a special tele-coaching opportunity for your Small Groups Pastor or for the staff person you have leading small groups at your church.

In just a few weeks (on Thursday, February 26) I’m kicking off our first ever Tele-Coaching Network just focused on small groups that will last for 8 months (through September 2009).


At The Journey we have experienced first-hand the power that life-changing small groups can have on the growth and health of a church.

In the Fall of 2002 when we began our first round of semester-based small groups – we didn’t know what to expect.  We only had 80 people attending each Sunday.  We started 7 groups and had 110 people sign up.  By the end of that first semester – our average attendance had grown to over 100 people and we had 11 people ready to be baptized!

Fast-forward to the beginning of 2009.  In the few years since we started semester-based small groups, The Journey has grown to 1,150 adults attending each Sunday and has seen over 650 people baptized.  This semester we will have over 90 small groups available and close to 1,500 people will sign up!

And every semester we have seen over 100% of our average Sunday attendance sign for a small group!

Semester-based small groups have had an incredible impact on the growth and health of our church.  And we believe that this coaching network can help take your small groups and your church to the next level.

In this network, each month we will connect for a 2 hour phone call to talk about issues directly related to improving and growing your current small group structure.  But not just that – we will also invest time in growing the influence, leadership and competency of your Small Groups Pastor.


By making this a tele-coaching network (as opposed to an in-person network in New York) it provides several benefits to you and your church:

(1) It saves you thousands of dollars on travel and hotel – as the network only costs $195 a month to join;

(2) It saves your church valuable time and money as your Small Groups Pastor/Leader doesn’t have to be away from your church to participate (only one 2 hour phone call per month);

(3) We will be providing those who participate in the network FREE resources throughout the network that they can make available to you and your entire staff.

So, your Small Groups Pastor/Leader can get all of the valuable, hands-on coaching from the comfort of their own office.  And they will have unlimited access to me each month between the phone calls for questions or discussion.

If you are serious about the growth of small groups in your church and you believe that your Small Groups Pastor/Leader needs to be in my upcoming network, I want to challenge you to ensure that I receive their application for this network. We’ve already got a good group of Small Group Pastors/Leaders confirmed – and the network begins in a few weeks – so I need their application ASAP.


The Small Groups Tele-Coaching Network is a relationship-based coaching experience.

Your Small Group Pastor/Leader will have the opportunity to connect with me and other Small Group Pastors/Leaders from around the country once a month from February – September 2009 on a two-hour phone call (1-3pm EST) where we will cover the following topics/challenges:

* Build a small group ministry that will see 100% participation
* Avoid the same traps that small group ministries fall into over and over again
* Learn how to have small groups that are outward focused
* Discover what the ideal size for a small group is and why
* Create a small group environment that encourages friendships to form
* Understand the advantages semester-based groups have over long-term groups
* Develop a simple and clear sign up system that will multiply involvement
* Utilize the flow of the yearly calendar to maximize sign ups and life-change
* Grow new small group leaders without overwhelming them with trainings
* Multiply small group leaders without having to split up existing groups
* Implement a small groups structure that is clear, produces results and, above all,
can work in your church

As a part of this network, your Groups Pastor will receive:

* Monthly hands-on coaching from me
* A proven coaching process that leads to growth and health
* FREE resources every month
* Unlimited email access each month to me and others on our staff
* A monthly small group environment where everyone is focused on personal,
professional and church growth
* Free access to other CLI events and on-line trainings during the network
* Plus much, much more

You have already experienced the benefits of a coaching network as a lead pastor – imagine how much more would your church could grow in size, influence and effectiveness if your small groups were operating at maximum efficiency.

You can download the application for the Small Groups Coaching Network by CLICKING HERE

The network begins on Thursday, February 26.  We are limited in how many people we can accept into the network – so the sooner you get the attached application back to me…the better.

Email me with any questions you might have or have your Small Groups Pastor/Leader contact me directly by email or phone.

Growing together…

Kerrick Thomas
Executive/Teaching Pastor
The Journey Church
P: 212-730-8300 x206
F: 212-245-0620

*Kerrick is Executive/Teaching Pastor at The Journey Church and has co-authored “Launch: Starting A New Church from Scratch” and “Activate: An Entirely New Way of Doing Small Groups.”  Kerrick has been at The Journey from the beginning and was part of the team that launched The Journey Church of New York City in 2002.  By 2008 The Journey has grown to over 1,100 attending each Sunday with 1,300+ in small groups.

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