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Gary McIntosh
Gary McIntosh

From Billy Graham's ministry emerged a declaration of Biblical integrity that all church leaders can follow. The "Modesto Manifesto" was the pact that set the standard for Billy Graham's scandal-free ministry.

In November 1948, Graham called the members of his evangelistic team to his hotel room during a crusade campaign in Modesto, California. "God has brought us to this point," he said. "Maybe he is preparing us for something that we don't know."

He and his team identified the issues that had been stumbling blocks to evangelists — and ways to prevent them from happening again. They developed four key principles to guard against:

You can blow up and print a full-color copy of your Modesto Manifesto poster — just like the one we have hanging in Nelson's offices at The Journey Church!

- Financial Abuse
- Sexual Immorality
- Pride (specifically with relationship to other local churches)
- Lying and Deceit (specifically regarding publicity and reporting of attendance numbers)

You can blow up and print a full-color copy of your Modesto Manifesto poster — just like the one we have hanging in Nelson's offices at The Journey Church!

No formal document was ever created. But Pastor Nelson Searcy has carefully researched and assembled the four principles that emerged from the Modesto Manifesto.

Your colorful 4-page reference guide includes each principle, applicable Scripture to study and commentary from Billy Graham. Plus a closer look at the origin of the Modesto Manifesto with historical photos and back story.

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