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Discover How to Make the Biggest KINGDOM IMPACT Possible Through Your Current Ministry and the Church You Pastor

Take the Next Step in Fulfilling Your Mission: Join Pastor Nelson Searcy LIVE In-Person at a Unique Conference that Will Help You Raise Up New Ministers, Call Out the Called, Maximize Your Influence as a Pastor and Learn How to Train Other Pastors!

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Nelson here, I hope you'll join me at this one-time-only special gathering, where we will work through:

1 - How do you use every minute of your life (walk with God, family, church, friendships, abilities, etc) for Kingdom Impact?
Maybe it was my Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis and chemo/surgeries/etc back in 2015 that led me to take a topic like Kingdom Impact and do a 7+ year deep dive into that phrase from our friend Paul — "for me to live is Christ."

2 - What it means to make a Kingdom Impact from a biblical, historical and church growth standpoint.

3 - How do I equip you to be a trainer for my Eight Systems of a Healthy Church®?
This will be the gathering where you can be certified and start the process to teach other pastors, locally and globally, the systems that have helped you. I'll spell this out when we meet in October.

4 - How do we see more people surrender their lives to ministry or answer the call to missions in our church, in the places we have influence or where we might speak than ever before. We need to come together and raise the value of answering the call to ministry. This requires new approaches and languages. More in October.

5 - Finally, we will have some fun at this conference by brainstorming within our group and (hopefully) hearing from some of the top pastors in America via TikTok type videos that I'm asking them to prepare. I will, of course, have my list of lessons learned from 30 years of ministry and the 7+ years of deep dive study mentioned above.

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Take a moment to reflect on these questions below:

  • Deep in your heart, have you always felt like you could make a bigger Kingdom Impact as a pastor?
  • What if there were big ways you could make a Kingdom Impact where you are — without having to move (unless God tells you to) to another city or country?
  • What if you could discover 30+ easy-to-implement but powerful ways to make a Kingdom Impact in your church?
  • Are you ready to make a Kingdom Impact by being an official trainer for my Eight Systems of a Healthy Church® (this gathering is where it all starts)?
  • Do you have a Godly longing to see new people follow God’s call to be a pastor and pursue ministry — becoming a church planter, a church revitalizer or even a global missionary?

If you answered “YES!” to some or all of these questions, you just can’t miss this one-time-only event that is 30 years in the making…

The Renegade Pastors Kingdom Impact Conference

Wednesday, Oct. 12 – Friday, Oct. 14
(Last Day Ends at 12:30pm, Making it Easy to Travel Out)
at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL


Apple co-founder and visionary leader Steve Jobs made a bold statement in 1985 about the culture of Apple. He said:

“We attract a different type of person…Someone who really wants to get in a little over his head and make a little dent in the universe. We are aware that we are doing something significant…Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future."

That make a “dent in the universe” mission shaped the influence and impact of Apple for years to come.

Now 37 years later, I propose a flip on this statement to apply it to us as pastors:

What if we make a BIG dent…in hell!

As pastors we are now facing one of those moments that will influence the future of our ministries — and the salvation of our people!

So what if we came together as a group of radically called pastors who are willing to:

- raise up the next generation of ministers

- train the existing ministers of today

- expand and stretch ourselves in new and exciting ways

- attempt great things for God

– and in the end…we take a sledgehammer to hit hell as hard as we can — making it hard to go to hell in our cities!

Join me for a brand new event that I’ve been thinking about for a number of years but NOW is the right time:

The Renegade Pastors Kingdom Impact Conference

Wednesday, Oct. 12 – Friday, Oct. 14
(Last Day Ends at 12:30pm, Making it Easy to Travel Out)
at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

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Traditional church growth history has said that the greatest thing you can do for the Kingdom is to grow a health church. This has been my primary focus in coaching pastors through my healthy systems approach.

But what happens after that? What comes next?

Turns out there are a number of ways that you can continue to invest in the Kingdom. This includes taking more intentional steps to call out the called in our churches and training others to grow healthy churches as well.

How do you identify and encourage people in your church who may feel God calling them to ministry? How would you help someone who is being led to be a pastor move forward?

This is one area where the church has dropped the ball in recent decades. We don’t see as many young people and second-people surrendering to the call to preach anymore.

That’s why it’s time to be more intentional about raising up new leaders who are called into full-time ministry work! And it starts at this conference where you can not only bring those recently called into ministry from your church but also learn how to raise up new leaders.

**Note that with just one low rate of $249 you can register and bring multiple people from your church who are also pursuing ministry!**

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Another area of Kingdom Impact growth is investing in other pastors. Because you are NOT in competition with the other pastors in your area or in your denomination. You are on the same team with them.

You compete with the bars, restaurants, clubs, sports and weekend activities that keep people away from church. But you do not compete against the other pastors around you who are trying to maximize their churches too!

That’s why at this exclusive gathering of high-achieving pastors, I will commission everyone who attends to go out and teach my basic systems seminars! (See more on this below.) You will leave the event being able to lead a systems training for pastors in your area. And you’ll find out exactly how we will support you in this, with all the materials and training resources you will need to make an impact!

And you’ll get dozens of other ideas and strategies for how pastors can personally make a Kingdom Impact (to reveal all here would diminish them but you will get a workbook full of these ideas!).

I’m pulling together all of my biggest Kingdom Impact strategies to share with you. Plus calling on my fellow national ministry leaders, megachurch pastors, Titanium members and more to share their insights in person and through recorded video!

We are at a critical point in church history as Christianity is on the decline. It’s time to revitalize both our churches and our commitment to grow the Kingdom in brand new ways.

As pastors we are facing one of those moments that will influence the future of our ministries — and the salvation of our people!

I hope you will join me and this incredible group of Renegades as we take a sledgehammer to hit hell as hard as we can

See you in Orlando!


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Pre-pandemic, Nelson Searcy commissioned several high-level coaching members to become “Regional Champions” for the network and partner with Nelson to teach his Eight Systems of a Healthy Church® to pastors in their areas. Regional Champions have since trained hundreds of other pastors across the country through half-day systems seminars.

And now with your help we’re ready to ramp up our regional systems event again and take them to the next level! At the Kingdom Impact Conference, you will become a certified trainer be able to lead half-day systems events for pastors in your city.

Just imagine in 2023 hosting a 3-hour Assimilation Seminar in your church and equipping 20 pastors in your area — including how you’ve applied these system strategies in your own church! And you’ll be equipped and can choose to lead other systems seminars on Evangelism, Stewardship and even Maximizing Easter trainings.

We will walk you through EVERYTHING including: How to set up your own seminar, “fill your event,” and use all the available resources that we have for you to make your event a success. Those resources include promotional materials, video teaching from Nelson, done-for-you Leaders and Listeners Guides, book bonuses for you to hand out at the events, and more!

We will even set up the website where pastors will register to attend your event. And we partner with you to promote the event to pastors in your area.

Don’t miss this exclusive certification — but don’t worry, you will not be under any obligation to lead a training if you don’t feel ready or called to yet.

Our Conference Speakers

You’re Invited to Join Nelson for a Don't-Miss LIVE In-Person Special Gathering to Maximize Your Kingdom Impact!

Founder of
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Founder of Renegade Executive Pastors Network
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Founder of Renegade Worship Pastors Network
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Plus, you'll hear the latest from our partners:

Boyd Pelley from Churchteams
Jon Haley from Logos Bible Software
Don Newman from Xulon Press
Tim Ruppe from Liberty Press


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Join Your Fellow Pastors for an In-Person Kingdom Impact Conference at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida!

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Join me for a brand new event that I’ve been thinking about for a number of years but NOW is the right time:

The Renegade Pastors Kingdom Impact Conference

Wednesday, Oct. 12 – Friday, Oct. 14
(Last Day Ends at 12:30pm, Making it Easy to Travel Out)
at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

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Meet Dr. Nelson Searcy

Nelson Searcy is the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Journey Church, with locations across New York City and in Boca Raton, FL. By God's grace, he identified and developed the Eight Systems of a Healthy Church® that he has used to coach over 3,500 churches in the US and around the world to adapt those eight systems to their unique ministry fields, resulting in great health and growth.

Nelson regularly coaches pastors online and in-person through the Church Leader Insights and Renegade Pastors Network ministries that he founded. He also leads several annual pastor in-person conferences and online training events. In ministry for more than 25 years, Nelson and his church routinely appear on lists such as “The 50 Most Influential Churches” and “The 25 Most Innovative Leaders.”

He is the author of over 100 church growth resources and 20+ books, including The Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Life and Ministry, The Difference Maker: Using Your Everyday Life for Eternal Impact, and Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests Into Fully-Engaged Members of Your Church. Nelson is the recipient of the prestigious Donald A. McGavran Award for Outstanding Leadership in Great Commission Research.

He is a longtime student of church history, especially mastering the areas of evangelism and church growth. He divides his time between NYC and South Florida. He battled Stage 4 cancer and has been cancer-free since 2018, praise God! He has an amazing wife, Kelley, and a teenage son, Alexander, who continues to grow in so many ways.