Introducing the Newest Author… YOU! Write Your First Book.

I once heard someone say that the average pastor writes to what is the equivalent of 3 best-selling novels a year (even the best author only writes one every couple of years.)

What if you could take that sermon series and turn it into a book? Think of how great it would be to give that book to all of your first time guests.

Or maybe you want to take the experiences that God has given you and teach others. You’ve got a solid idea for a book but just aren’t sure where to start in the writing process.

You can write your own book with less stress and time than you think.  I have developed an easy, stress-free system for writing and publishing books – while still being an effective pastor!

After studying church growth and church history, I have learned that the most influential leaders were all authors.

It’s the same with gurus in any other field. Dr. Phil in relationships … Peter Drucker in business … Tom Peters in management – all are high impact people in part because they are published book authors.

Here’s your chance to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about writing, publishing and growing  your ministry including what I’ve personally learned after publishing 14 books!

I have been compiling all my lessons from my experiences in the publishing world – and I will show you my simple method of how to write and publish your first book in as little as three months.

Come and join me in convenient and beautiful Walt Disney World Orlando for this BRAND NEW “How to Write Your First Book” Workshop!

New Addition to the Workshop: My Guest, Prolific Author and Church Growth Champion Dr. Elmer Towns! 

Dr. Towns will share with you his writing knowledge as well as tips and tools that he has gathered during his career in Education. He has penned over 170 books (including two encyclopedias) and 2,000 articles on various aspects of church growth. Dr. Towns is an author-teacher who loves to study, share and teach. As a college and seminary professor, and co-founder of Liberty University, he has educated, equipped and inspired spiritual leaders throughout the world.

This is the only event of its kind – a two-day, step-by-step, how-to workshop for pastors to extend your reach and influence through writing and publishing your very own book. Seating is VERY limited. Don’t miss this one-time opportunity to learn the secrets of writing and publishing – while growing your ministry – from me and Dr. Towns!

ALMOST SOLD OUT! Click here to register now for one of the last spots at my BRAND NEW Two-Day Workshop “How To Write Your First Book” Thursday, May 1 and Friday, May 2! Save $300 now if you RSVP by TOMORROW! 

Nothing has done more to expand my influence, increase my impact at The Journey Church where I pastor and help more pastors than writing and publishing books!

Your partner in ministry,


Write-Your-First-Book-web-graphicP.S. The reason I have put this workshop together is because coaching alumni and others have been asking me for a workshop like this for years. Others have asked me to help them write book proposals, find a publisher or just offer advice on publishing.

I will help you navigate between traditional publishers and self-publishing (the benefits and downfalls of both).   I now have 11 books through traditional publishers with close to 500,000 copies in print. And three self-published books with equal or greater distribution.  I’ve definitely learned from the school of hard knocks!

BUT, Fair warning – This Event is filling fast. Act now to guarantee your seat!

To get the best rates, you have to sign up before the Super Early Bird Deadline of April 4th – which is TOMORROW. You don’t want to wait to register – this new in-demand event will sell out!

I will reveal EVERYTHING you need to know to write and publish your book, including:

  • Why you may want to self-publish your book instead of going to a traditional publisher.
  • How to turn sermons series into books, audio into chapters and how to structure your writing time through deadlines and daily rituals.
  • How to find a ghostwriter or someone in your church/marketplace to help you write your book.
  • How to use book publishing as an additional stream of income or to build retirement income.
  • What’s better to publish – a paperback book or an e-book?
  • Ideal “trim size,” format, word length, and number of pages for self-published paperbacks.
  • Should you consider doing both a paperback and a hard cover? The answer may surprise you.
  • How to come up with a great idea for your first book … and your next … and the one after that.
  • Quick Internet shortcuts for researching your topic before writing your book.
  • How to use a “bounce back” offer to turn your book into an evangelism tool.
  • Finding, hiring, and working with ghostwriters, editors, and proofreaders.
  • Designing an eye-grabbing front and back cover for your book.
  • Where to get ISBN numbers and bar codes for your book.
  • Copyrighting your manuscript and the published book.
  • Writing and distributing a press release announcing the publication of your book.
  • Best fonts and type sizes for clear and readable page layouts.
  • How to get endorsements from others and give you cover blurbs.
  • Printing your book: traditional short-run book printers vs. POD.
  • Ideal number of books to produce in the first print run – and the approximate cost per copy.
  • How to prepare your book galleys and artwork for the printer.
  • What to charge for your book – retail and wholesale pricing.
  • How to get major bookstores and online booksellers – including Amazon — to carry your book.
  • How to make your book a best-seller on
  • Turn book readers into first-time guests at your church.
  • Giving away free review copies – who gets them, how many do you distribute?
  • Promoting and selling your book on a book web site.
  • Why you should have both physical books and PDF versions of the same books.
  • How to leverage your book into establishing your reputation in your church’s community.
  • The biggest headache self-publishers face and how to overcome it.
  • How to take your best sermon series and turn it into a book to disciple your church.
  • How to reduce your printing cost per copy up to 50% or more.
  • And much, much more…

You’re invited to join me and discover How To Write Your First Book With Less Stress, Time and Energy (Even If You Got Bad Grammar!) on May 1 -2, 2014 in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL.

ALMOST SOLD OUT! Click here to register now for one of the last spots at my BRAND NEW Two-Day Workshop “How To Write Your First Book” Thursday, May 1 and Friday, May 2! Save $300 now if you RSVP by TOMORROW! 

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