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8 Tools You Need to Know for
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Plan NOW for greater health and growth - Join Pastor and Church Growth Strategist Nelson Searcy for a new online event where he will walk you through the latest learnings on the 8 SYSTEMS OF A HEALTHY CHURCH - and where you need to focus your attention for the biggest impact!

What if you could get a blueprint to reach more people for Christ than ever before - would that be worth 75 minutes of your time this week?

And what if that information was FREE?

It's not too good to be true! Pastor Nelson Searcy wants to do everything he can to help you make this fall your biggest season in ministry yet! He invites you to join him THIS WEEK on a completely REVISED and UPDATED free online training event to help you implement the 8 systems of a healthy church.

Though his own experience as a pastor just like you, and after coaching over 2,200 other senior pastors, he has discovered this to be true:

Healthy systems lead to a healthy, God-honoring and growing church!

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You'll walk through each of these critical eight systems for your church:

Worship Planning - How we plan, execute and evaluate the weekend service(s) at our church.

Evangelism - How we attract unchurched people to our church and mobilize our people for evangelism.

Assimilation - How we move people from first time guests to fully-engaged members at our church.

Small Groups - How we fill and reproduce small groups at our church.

Stewardship - How we develop extravagant givers at our church.

Ministry/Volunteers - How we mobilize people for significant ministry at our church.

Leadership - How we develop leaders at all levels at our church.

Strategy - How we constantly evaluate and improve our church.

Nelson will share with you his latest learnings on all eight systems as an "in the trenches" pastor like you - it will be worth your time!

Nelson Searcy
Lead Pastor
The Journey Church

Join Nelson Searcy for this FREE, 75-minute webinar to discover all eight of your church's systems and how you can begin to make each of them more effective for greater health and growth.

Grow your church through healthy systems!

Like the human body, your church body functions best (and as intended) with optimized and healthy systems. By identifying and upgrading your church's systems you'll be able to reach more people and make stronger disciples.

Here's what you'll discover:


To access this event, all you need is a computer with speakers or headphones and Internet access. Nelson will teach you through the Internet; you'll be able to hear him and see his notes online.

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Nelson Searcy

Nelson Searcy is an experienced church planter, coach and church growth strategist, working with churches in over 45 denominations. He started coaching pastors in 2006 and has personally coached over 2100+ senior pastors, helping them break common growth barriers like 125, 250, 500, 1000 and beyond, all while maintaining personal life and ministry balance.

As founder of Church Leader Insights and the Renegade Pastors Network, he has trained more than 50,000 church leaders (3,000+ church planters). The Renegade Pastors Network is designed to help pastors abandon average and strive for God’s best in their personal lives AND in their ministry. For more accelerated growth, pastors also participate in Nelson’s Senior Pastor and Advanced Coaching network. Senior Pastor Coaching members average a 25% increase in attendance and a 20% increase in giving.

Nelson is also the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Journey Church, with locations across New York City and in San Francisco and Boca Raton, FL. He is the author of over 80 church growth resources and 14+ books, including The Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Life and Ministry. His continued mission is to help church leaders around the world cooperate with God in creating healthy, thriving churches.

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