How to Know Your Calling As A Church Planter

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If you have been called to start a church, not only will the calling be undeniable, but you will also be able to trust that God will equip and empower you to do the work that He sets before you.  

When He is the one who has chosen you, it is because He knows that you can fulfill the calling, standing on His strength.  The feelings of inadequacy with which you may struggle have no place in God’s call.

Let’s look at some ways to recognize a proper calling:

  • Prayer and Bible study.  God calls, and confirms His call, through prayer and Bible study.  People who are called often feel that God confirms His calling every time they pray or read the Bible.
  • Surprise.  A surprise calling happens more often than you may think.  Ministry may have never entered into your own plans for you life, when (surprise!) God intercepts your plans.  It has been said, “When God is stirring in my life, everything familiar gets uncomfortable.”  This surprise calling leads to a 180-degree turn in career and life focus.
  • Holy discontent.  While anger, resentment, or discontent toward an existing church or pastor can be a source of improper calling, a proper calling will often carry with it a sense of holy discontent.  This type of discontentment is not focused on problems within a ministry but has a heart to improve the situation in a particular community.  Holy discontent also come when you have ignored God’s calling in your life and you realize you will not find fulfillment until you surrender to His will to start a church.
  • Burden for the unchurched.  A proper call is always accompanied by the desire to reach the unchurched.  If your goal is to change the Christians in your community, you are most assuredly not called to start a new church.  However, if you have a strong passion to reach the unchurhed, you may be hearing a call from God.
  • Godly counsel.  A proper call will be accompanied by confirmation from those around you.  Seek out the other leaders and (prayerfully) gauge their responses to your call.

You must decide to walk into the adventure for which you feel God is calling you.

” ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations… For you shall go to all to whom I send you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.  Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you,’ says the LORD” (Jer. 1:5,7-8, NKJV).


Church planters, my goal is to help you start a church from scratch that will reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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I hope to see you in person at the Launch Conference, back here to tomorrow for part 3.  Know that I’m committed to doing everything possible to help you launch your new church for God’s glory.


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