How to Involve More People in Your Worship Team

It’s Jason Hatley, Pastor of Worship Arts at The Journey.

We are in the middle of audition season here at The Journey and Nelson asked me to share with you a very simple, but powerful idea that we have used for years to involve new people serving on our worship team.

It will help you grow your team as well – this Sunday (seriously . . . take a look!).

Last Sunday I had the privilege to host a Worship Arts Overview Reception at our newest Journey campus in South Florida.

If you are familiar with the “How to Double Your Worship Team in a Day” resource, you know that the Worship Arts Reception is one of the KEY STRATEGIES that I use to involve new people in ministry on our Worship Arts Team.

It’s basically a short, 30-minute party that I host twice a year after the service and invite people who are interested in serving on the Worship Arts Team to attend.

Sounds easy, right . . . that’s because it is 🙂

But it’s also powerful!

In fact I’ve found that nearly 50% of the people who sign up for our big day of auditions do so at a Worship Arts Overview Reception.

Now – I’ve hosted these types of receptions many times before at our New York City campuses. But this one was special . . .

You see our new campus in Boca Raton, FL is only one month old, and this was the very first Worship Arts Reception that we’ve held.

Being so young, our Worship Arts Team here in Boca is only has about 20 people serving on the team right now (compared to the over 200 who serve on the teams that we’ve built in our New York City campuses).

But yesterday something powerful happened.

Fifteen people who are NOT currently serving on our Worship Arts Team attended this reception. Twelve of them signed up for an audition and will be auditioning to join our Worship Team in just a couple weeks.

Through one easy-to-lead event, our Worship Arts Team will involve a dozen new people in life-changing ministry and our team will grow by at least 50%.

And it all happened simply because I did something this week to help my team grow.

So – here’s my question for you . . . what are you doing this week to empower talented people in your church to get off the sidelines and get involved with your Worship Arts ministry?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Put a Worship Team interest checkbox on your connection card
  • Host a Worship Arts Reception
  • Actively try to meet people after the service (that’s right – this is one of the EASIEST ways to get new people involved).
  • Put a flyer in the program or an announcement slide on the screen
  • Decide to hold a BIG day of auditions next month
  • Call that person that you heard was a Graphic Designer but haven’t followed up with yet
  • Email your team and ask them who they know that should be serving on the team

Whatever you decide, DO SOMETHING THIS WEEK to involve people in life-changing ministry on your Worship Arts Team.

When you do, you help people not only use their gifts but also grow in their faith and live out part of their life-mission in your church.

Your partner in ministry,


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