How to Hone Your Church’s Systems for Maximum Impact – Part 1

One of the most exciting aspects of coaching is when I have the chance to see the systems being implemented by the pastors in my coaching network. It’s always powerful to see how the 8 systems really make a difference when they begin to impact each and every area of the church.

The most successful pastors recognize that each system actual impacts all the other systems. One of the greatest examples of that is found in an update that I received from John Newland, a 3 time coaching participant. This is such an in depth view of the 8 systems that we are going to take a few days worth of blogs to take it all in!

Today we’ll look and see how 2 of our systems really helped make his Family Festival a huge success:

Yesterday, we had our annual Fall Creek Family Festival, one of our major outreach events to the community. Before I tell you how it went, I want to set the stage a bit. 

* We used many of your strategies for EVANGELISM that are contained in your book Ignite . By attending your coaching network, I had advance notice of some of your systems to help us plan our event. 

First, we saturated our community with “air cover,” which included: yard signs, newspaper ads (NOT in the religious section), Radio Disney ads and TV ads (not religious stations). 

Second, we sent our people out as ground troops to target “unchurched” people. We equipped them with conversation starters and invitation pieces to invest in the lives of irreligious people and invite them to a totally FREE (more on that in a moment) and FUN environment. 

* We used many of your strategies for STEWARDSHIP from your systems to cultivate extravagant givers to sponsor this event. 

First, we gave people the vision and asked them to come on board to financially support the effort to reach our community with an evangelistic touch. 

Second, we involved our people in coming up with ways to “give” that went beyond strict financial gifts. 

(Dr. John Newland, Senior Pastor, Fall Creek Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN)

We will pick this story up tomorrow and I am excited for you to see the final results. You can see with just looking at the first two systems, that systems really cover every aspect of church life.

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