Fulfill Your Calling with a Tender Heart and a Tough Hide: Part 2 of 2

As you pursue God’s purposes, you are going to face negativity and criticism. I guarantee it. Given this reality, developing a tough hide— that is, learning how to deal with criticism well — is key to fulfilling your purpose. Here are 4 tips to help you stay strong when negativity tries to chafe you:

1. Strengthen Your Foundation.
The best way is to go deeper in your relationship with God through continual prayer and study of the Word. You are then better able to hear from Him in every decision you make, which will naturally diminish the voices of the critics when they come against you.

2. Limit Your Exposure.
Minimize the criticism that comes across your desk. You are not a trashcan. Begin building some criticism hedges around yourself. Set up a gatekeeper who takes a look at all of your email and standard mail before it ever makes it to you. I recommend asking a trusted staff member to take on the responsibility.

3. Master the Art of Confrontation.
Don’t be afraid to confront conflict when necessary. Just keep these 4 things in mind:
a. Pray and Prep. Pray over the situation and also make some notes about what you want to say in the meeting. In short, be prepared.
b. Plan Your Approach. Take the angle of resolution through clarification. And above all else strive to preserve your relationship with the other person.
c. Assess the Attitude (Never Assume). Along the same lines, make sure you confront the attitude, confusion or motive that’s driving the attack, rather than confronting the person.
d. Act Early. Run to conflict. If you catch conflict in its earliest stages — before it becomes infectious, takes on armor and runs people out of the church — you can arrest it and correct it.

4. Find a Lightning Rod.
You need to make sure you have people with whom you can share the onslaught of criticisms you are facing and who are spiritually mature enough to give their opinions in a helpful, non-biased way. If you want to fulfill your calling, you are going to have to face that spiritual warfare along the way. As you move through it, keep your heart tender and your hide tough — and never stop gathering. Never stop preparing for the task you’ve been called to do.

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