Everyone Needs a Coach (Part 3 of 3)

Everyone needs a coach but it can’t be just any ole coach. That was the point of Part 2 yesterday.

But today, I want to share a very important stat with you: THIRTY PERCENT.

Study after study on coaching has shown that, on average, working with a coach will improve everything you do by 30%, including:
– your speed of implementation and achievement

– your actual implementation of what you are learning

– your own personal and professional growth

– your key goals for your organization (in our case, our church growth)

And much more. 30%, that’s the average. This seems to be the magic number for coaching. It’s also about the average results I’ve seen in coaching over 2100 pastors.

Can you dream for a moment about what it would look like for all the key metrics in your church to improve by 30%?

30% increase in attendance (that’s a game changer).

30% increase in giving.

30% more volunteers (no more begging).

But also, your having 30% more efficiency in your day-to-day work. 30% more free space in your schedule (to study, pray, grow). 30% more satisfaction. Dare I say: 30% closer to God!

But there’s a bit more to the story. This magic 30% also seems to apply to “decreasing” the negatives. Let me explain. Many reports show that coaching also decreased:

– Staff turnover (or, for us, volunteer turnover)

– Employee dissatisfaction (this is a double negative but it means that employees were happier after coaching than before — they were “less dissatisfied”)

– Workplace waste (wasted time, money, etc.)

– Complaints and/or criticism

I have definitely seen this in my coaching. As the Senior Pastor grows through coaching, there is greater satisfaction among staff, less volunteer turnover, a decrease in complaints and criticism among church members and greater alignment among key leaders at all levels.

The bottom line: Coaching makes a difference!

You owe it to yourself and your church to be in a coaching network.

Blame it on my engineering background but I have measured, monitored and micro-analyzed the results from my coaching networks since day one. Here are the results I see from members of my coaching network:

– Greater excitement from the Senior Pastor

– Greater excitement among staff and volunteers

– A renewed sense of calling and commitment to the church

– Greater alignment at all levels

– Immediate improvement in key systems such as assimilation (more first- and second-time guests), evangelism (more new believers) and stewardship. Seems God honors the pastor’s commitment with immediate results within the first three months.

– Increased prayer

– A clear path and plan for the growth of the church and the personal growth of the pastor

– An average of 20% increase in giving within one year of coaching (remember, this is the average, some see much more)

– An average of 25% increase in attendance within the first year (again, some see more but what I love about these results is that they are not limited to just the first year. The systems put in place through my coaching bring increases year after year)

– Long-term results after the first year of coaching. Again, the systems we put in place during this one year of coaching continue to reap rewards year after year.

– A renewed excitement among the pastor’s family (even though I don’t directly deal with “family issues” in coaching, some of my most prized letters and testimonies are from the pastor’s spouse who talks about the positive changes they have seen in the pastor and how this has strengthened their marriage and family).

And I could keep going. The bottom line: when a pastor makes a bold decision to grow, it impacts EVERY area of that pastor’s life from their calling to the family to leadership to staff to volunteers to key leaders to future leaders and new believers.

There is NO DOWNSIDE to coaching.

The only question is: Are you brave (and maybe humble) enough to enter into a Pastor-to-Pastor Coaching relationship?

Now is the time to step up. My new coaching network starts in just a couple of weeks and already I’m seeing movement and excitement. It will fill up.

Right now, as a quick response reward, I’m offering some cool bonuses when you join. But they may disappear as the interest in the network grows.

So take action today and secure your spot. Learn more and sign up at:


I call this my Gold Level coaching network as it’s the foundational one for any senior pastor who wants to grow personally and see their church grow. It’s based on the eight systems of a healthy church (my proprietary coaching system — outlined on the website). Gold is the best place to start and the best entry point (dare I say most blessed network) for you as a Senior Pastor.

If, after checking out the website, you still have questions about the network, just send an email (every reply is read) with your question and cell phone number to info@churchleaderinsights.com. You will get an answer via email or phone call.

Thanks for reading. Your partner in ministry,


P.S. This is the seventh post in a series — I did a two-parter on My First Coaching Experience, two parts on How I Started Coaching Pastors and now with this email, three parts so far on Everyone Needs a Coach.

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