Energy Equations: How to Have Better Emotional Health

The Latin derivative for the word emotion literally means “energy in motion.” So emotion equals energy in motion. That is why discovering how to manage your energy well will give you the emotional (and physical) get-up-and-go it takes to become the new you.

When you have more energy, you will approach life more proactively. You will want to get out and move your body. You will put more emphasis on getting good rest so you don’t lose your enthusiasm. You will be able to invest happily in activities and relationships that may have seemed like a chore to you before. More energy equals more productivity, resilience, focus, and endurance.

The way to manage your energy over the long haul is to begin viewing your life as a series of short sprints with recovery periods in between. Here are some simple tips for maximizing your energy that you can layer on top of that foundation.

More Alignment = More Energy

When you are walking in the center of what God has planned for you, you experience excitement and peace that go beyond understanding. That sense of alignment leads to low energy. Take time to align yourself with the calling God has placed on your life each and every day. And note the inherent effect here: as more alignment gives you more energy, that energy, in turn, helps you engage in the daily practices that lead to more alignment–practices such as morning devotions, focused prayer time, and serving others.

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More Cooperation = More Energy

God created you with certain rhythms and tendencies that are unique to your makeup. Paying attention to what those are and learning to cooperate with them will help you have more energy every day. For example, you are likely either a morning person or a night owl. Whichever way you have been wired, work with it; don’t fight against it. In the same way, you naturally go through energy peaks and valleys throughout the day that are different from those of the people around you. Recognize when the peaks are for you and plan your highest-energy tasks during those times. The alternative only leads to frustration. Figure out what works best for the way you have been designed and then operate within those boundaries.

More Awareness = More Energy

This one works in conjunction with the previous one. Thanks to the way God wired you, certain activities energize you and often drain you. These are different for everyone. For example, I (Nelson) am not good at counseling people. It absolutely zaps me. But a guy I work with loves counseling others; he walks out of counseling sessions energized. God created the two of us very differently in that area, and we are happiest and most effective when we work in light of that reality. To have more energy, become aware of the things that fill you up and do those things. Look at your to-do list from yesterday and put a plus sign next to the items that energized you and a minus sign next to the ones that drained you. With intentional awareness over time, you can learn to focus on what you are wired for and shift away from what you aren’t.

A Regular Rest Day = More Energy

Your rest day, or your Sabbath, is your recovery period after the sprint of a busy week. This is simply a twenty-four-hour period when you unplug and spend time focusing on your family and on God. For one full day, you relinquish control of the universe back to its rightful owner. Choosing to step away from your business-as-usual schedule, no matter how busy you are or what is going on, proves your trust in God’s control. You need to take a rest day for your own well-being. If you don’t, you will begin to feel the wear on your body, your spirit, your mind, and your emotions pretty quickly. A day of rest renews your energy, your focus, and your commitment to keep doing all that God has called you to do.

Regular Exercise = More Energy

As we have already discussed, walking is one of the best forms of exercise. And it just so happens that walking will give you an incredible boost of energy. Every minute you spend walking will be returned to you in productivity later in the day.

More Hydration = More Energy 

Of course, being physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy will increase your energy. But for this specific point, we are referring to avoiding the common illnesses constantly floating around us. Have you ever put a kid in preschool only to have said kid pick up every illness going around and pass it along to the rest of the family? When each of my (Jennifer’s) two girls started preschool, they became sick with everything imaginable…and they weren’t stingy about sharing with Brian and me. But over time, as their immune systems strengthened, they stopped contracting everything that walked through the doors of their school. While getting sick is sometimes unavoidable, you can take certain steps to keep your immunity up and ward off those pesky germs.

– Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson

The above excerpt is from p. 130-133 of The New You: A Guide to Better Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness.

With your copy of The New You, you will come away with specific strategies on how to lose weight, get more sleep, lower stress, nurture better relationships, connect with God and much more! Anyone who wants to trade in the frustration of average living and less-than health for the hallmarks of the new life God promises will find The New You an effective personal guide for the journey.

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