Easter’s On Its Way

It’s hard to believe but Easter is only six weeks away, coming up on Sunday, April 12th.

Easter Sunday has more potential to make a massive Kingdom impact through your church than any other single day of the year and I would like to help you make this Easter bigger than ever at your church.

Over the last 7 years I’ve coached hundreds of pastors (and held my fair share of Easter services here at The Maximizing EasterJourney) to prepare for Easter and I’ve learned that there are about a dozen simple, but not necessarily obvious, ways we can maximize our impact on Easter.

I wrote down a few of these in a brand new “How to Maximize Easter” e-book that I’m going to give you and everyone else in the CLI family next week but there’s a lot more I would like to teach you.

As I prepared the e-book I realized there was a ton of other things I’d like to share but didn’t have the space to include in the e-book.  So I talked with the CLI team and we decided to do something we’ve never done before…to really go all out to help you and your church.

I would like to invite you to join me for a very special… (drumroll, please):
“How to Maximize Easter” tele-seminar

What is a tele-seminar? It’s simply me training you via telephone instead of at a live event.

I’m doing this tele-seminar four different times over a one week period at various times throughout the day so that regardless of your time zone or work schedule you can join me.

As you may recall from my Evangelism Seminar, it’s been proven that people are most likely to come to church when they are:

1. Under tension
2. In transition
3. In trouble

With the current state of uncertainty in the US, I believe more people than ever are open and ready to attend your Easter services.  What if you could break all previous attendance records this Easter?  I’d like to help you do just that with my 90 minute tele-seminar.

Once you register for the tele-seminar that best fits your schedule, I’ll train you (and all your staff and volunteers if you gather them around the speaker phone) on “How to Maximize Easter” this year.

Here’s a taste of what I will cram into our power-packed, nuts and bolts 90 minutes together:

– How to promote Easter for maximum effectiveness
– How to mobilize all your members to invite their friends on Easter
– What to preach on at Easter (and what not to preach on…its not what you think)
– The biggest mistakes most people make in planning Easter
– How to get people to come back the month after Easter
– How to lead your staff and key volunteers to spiritually prepare for Easter
– How to do a church wide spiritual survey on Easter.
– How to get a 100% connection card completion on Easter.
– Easter and your volunteers (you may be hurting your attendance by having too many volunteers, yep, too many)
– Choosing the times of your Easter service (the wrong times can keep the unchurched away).
– How you can leverage Easter to grow your church in the fall.

You can join me for this brand new training opportunity by clicking here:


If you’re interested, I encourage you to go ahead and register now.  Due to telephone constraints we only have room for 99 people on each call (we have 100 phone lines but I have to save one for me!).

Remember, your registration is per church – so as long as you only call in from one phone, you can have your entire staff or volunteer leaders around the speaker phone.

This tele-seminar (like all CLI events and resources) has a 100% no hassle guarantee – if after listening to the entire call you believe I didn’t give you your money’s worthy, just let us know and we’ll immediately refund your investment.  There’s really nothing to lose.

Register now at:

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you – the investment for each church is only $39.95 BUT when you complete the tele-seminar training we are going to GIVE YOU over $120 in free resources including an entire sermon series by itself goes for $69.95.  In other words, you’ll get FOUR TIMES your investment back in free resources.

P.P.S. Will you be in prayer for all the Easter services that will be conducted this year?  Pray for your church and mine here in New York City. Pray that this Easter is one that brings the most glory to God and impacts the most number of unchurched people ever!  It’s an exciting time to be in ministry.

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