Q & A: What About People from Other Churches?

I recently got this question from a friend in New Hampshire who attended the recent Launch Conference that Kerrick and I did here in the city: “How do you handle people from other churches who want to join your church?” This is a great question that we all should wrestle with.  There are three types of church growth: Conversion Growth … Read More

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The Truth About Church Systems (NEW Free Report)

One question I get constantly is ‘Nelson, what do you mean by Church Systems?‘ Great question. And one that definitely needs addressed. Because if you really get ‘church systems’ it will dramatically improve how you lead your church and increase your understanding of how God grows our churches (often much faster than we think possible) But if you go about … Read More

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Monday Memory Tips for Church Leaders

I wonder if its harder for pastors to remember things on Monday than any other day of the week?  Most of us are a little ‘cloudy’ on Monday’s due to fatigue from our weekend obligations.  So if that’s you, here’s five Monday memory tips for you (full disclosure – I’m a sucker for memory tips – it’s a little known … Read More

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Excited About Sunday and Tongue Pierced

In just about 90minutes we’ll be kicking off the first of our four services at our Manhattan Location (where I’m teaching today) and we are beginning a brand new series called “Tongue Pierced” that’s based on Proverbs 18:21: “The tongue has the power of life and death.” Today’s message is called The Power of Words and its an intro to … Read More

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Worship Leader Intensive – May 14 -15 (and a Freebie)

On May 14 and 15 Jason Hatley, The Journey’s Worship Arts Pastor, is leading is premier event, a two day Worship Leader Intensive (Hint: Pastor,  you may want to make sure your Worship Leader is at this event). During this event he teaches you how to overcome the top “7 Challenges Every Worship Leader Will Face.”  Here’s how Jason’s describes … Read More

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Q & A: How To Read More

Got this question from Church Planting Coaching Network Alumni Mike Sorcinelli (New Day Church – www.newdaychurch.cc ) in Longmeadow, MA: “I really want to be a reader but it literally took me 6 hours + to read your book “Fusion”, which is a short book. It’ll take me almost a month to read “Planting Missional Churches” (I’m about half way … Read More

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What is The Path of Discipleship in Your Church?

“What is the path of Discipleship in your church?”  This is a question I get a lot.  My response is usually that the path of discipleship at The Jouney is not knowledge driven with an appeal for people to serve at the end, but service driven with the knowledge that people need provided along the way.  There is a huge difference … Read More

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Q & A: Who Develops Leaders At Your Church?

My friend Che Chowan from Church on the Rock in Ocho Rios, Jamaica (yep, that’s me and him in the pic, taken at a recent seminar I did in Florida) sent in this question from the Ask Nelson button on the right —-> “Hey Nelson. Good blog. Do you personally disciple a group in your church for leadership development, outside … Read More

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Charles Arn – Church Growth Hero (If I Dare Say ‘Church Growth’)

Last Saturday, while Kelley and I were in Los Angeles, I was able to meet one of my Church Growth Heroes – Charles (Chip) Arn of Church Growth, Inc.  He and his wife Ann were gracious enough to share dinner with me and Kelley at Kate Mantinlini’s in Beverly Hills (yep, we were living it up!). Win Arn, Charles’ father, … Read More

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