The Breakthrough Company – Book Recommendation

Each month in the Church Leader Insights newsletter I recommend two books.  This month one of the books was: THE BREAKTHROUGH COMPANY How Everyday Companies Become Extraordinary Performers by Keith R. McFarland There are two diagrams in the book that have changed my leadership thinking forever. One is a diagram that shows how to move from start-up to mature organization … Read More

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The Myth of the Summer Slump

MYTH: Memorial Day is right around the corner. You know what that means… Low attendance. People head for the beach, the lake, or the kiddie pool in the backyard and leave you preaching to empty rows. Oh well, that’s the way the summer goes. Just hold on and count the days until fall. There’s not much you can do. REALITY: … Read More

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Why Your Ministry Should be Messy (at least a little)

For me, one of the great challenges of Church Leadership is the tension of not getting everything done that I would like to get done every day.  With several billion people on the planet who still need to be reached, I may not get to check everything off my “to-do” list before the day is over.  Let’s face it, if we are … Read More

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Fusion Webinar in Less than 24 Hours

In less than 24 hours the next Fusion Webinar will begin.    I’m very excited to one again teach the principles of how to retain first time guests and move them through a clear process from newcomer to fully committed member. We can handle 999 people on the phone/internet webinar so there’s still room for you!  Why don’t you take a … Read More

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Debate versus Denigrate

Yesterday I read an article by someone disagrees with some of my ideas about church planting (launching large, building the church from the outside in, etc.).  He wrote a great article and made some great points that offered alternatives to my views. I actually wrote him and congratulated him on his analysis while clarifying some of my own positions.  We … Read More

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Bruce Lee on Time Management

Next week we are launching my new Time Management Resource (get a sneak preview here) – I’m fanatical about time management.  In fact, I’m set-up so that Google sends me any new posts or links on Time Management.  Here’s one I couldn’t resist sharing.  From Martial Arts Expert (and one of my childhood hero’s) Bruce Lee: “It’s not the daily … Read More

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Monday Proflections: The Week Ahead

I love Monday’s – if things go right on Monday I’m sitting pretty for the rest of the week.  Here’s a few things on my calendar that I’m looking forward too and that I thought might benefit you: Monday – Today is the last today to get the free Evangelism Seminar (57.00 Value) that Roy is offering.  Click Here. Tuesday, … Read More

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Sunday Preparation

In about an hour I will deliver the 10am message at The Journey-Manhattan.  The message is “The Art of Confrontation” and it’s part 2 in our Tongue Pierced series. I tried something new this past week in preparing for this message.  I came in early on Tuesday morning and the message was sorta burning in my head (you’ve been there, … Read More

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